55 short quotes for dad that say he is your real hero | messages, wishes and quotes

Do you have the habit of saying words that affirm the importance of people in your life? Even those closest to us need to hear that we love them. To help you tell your father everything he means to you, we’ve made a list of short quotes for dad. Check it out and share the one that best represents you!

Short quotes for father that praise his presence, affection and care

He looks like an angel, but he’s just my dad.

I would give my life for yours without even thinking twice!

Life gave me the best father in the world.

Father is one, but mine is worth a thousand!

Unconditional love, blood of my blood.

Father, my love for you no longer fits within Saturn.

I am part of your life, and you are my whole story.

Everything I am and intend to be I owe to you!

Love beyond life.

Father, of 10 lives, 11 I would give you!

The most important man in my life.

Being a father is a divine gift, being a son is a gift!

Father: small word, but with infinite meaning.

Father is life, he is the sustenance of the world!

The love I feel for you is capable of changing the world.

The father is the greatest hero of all children.

The father understands even what his children don’t say.

There is no name for the feeling that unites me with you.

A father’s hug: the best medicine for all ages.

Father: the one who gives love.

I accept losing everyone except my father and mother.

I was never afraid, because you were always by my side, dad!

I’m happy because my heart has your name: father!

Father: advisor, friend, hero and first love.

Father: first and most important man in your life.

Man of my life, the best of all and the best in the world.

A father is a daughter’s first love.

Not every hero wears a cape, right, dad?

Not every king wears a crown. Proof of this is my father.

When I’m in despair, my greatest refuge is you, dad!

Gift and protector, you always filled me with love!

Even far away, my father, my heart is always with you.

Thank you for being a father for all time.

Father: the certainty of a friend forever!

Father, you left me the greatest inheritance in the world: your love!

A father is a daughter’s first love and a son’s first hero.

You deserve the title of best father in the world!

Father, sweet and beautiful word. Person of fiber and courage.

Not even Google can find a father like mine.

Father, you are the foundation of my life, my direction and my guide.

Being a father means holding the most important role there is for a lifetime!

Father, my first and best friend.

My father, the hug that makes me forget all my problems.

With you I discovered that not every hero wears a cape.

I love you dad!

Your memories are my greatest treasure. I miss you, my father!

Nothing pleases a father more than pleasing his children.

Father is the one who holds your hand when fear comes.

The one who can calm me with a hug, my father.

It’s not always the rich dad who leaves the biggest inheritance.

Nothing better can a father give his son than a good education.

My father is my example, my hero!

Being a father means loving and caring the way you do every day.

And with you I learned all my lessons, I faced my dragons.

Father, you say you created me for the world. But my world is you.

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