55 friendship messages for a friend that reveal this beautiful harmony

It is very special to have a friendship that makes your days lighter and fuller and love. It is having someone to share every moment and know that it will never leave you. Reaffirm how special she is to you with the best friendship quotes for friend. Check it out and praise those who fill your life with love!

Friendship quotes for friend who prove the size of your affection

friend, you look like a piece of me that I can embrace and deliver all my love.

Our affinity simply emerged. It seems that we have always been destined to cultivate this friendship.

There is confidence, there is love and there is delivery. Our friendship is a blessing in my life, friend!

I found in you such a sincere happiness. You help me color my gray days with the tones of friendship.

Near or far, nothing changes between us, because our friendship is true and we love each other from the heart.

Friendship is being a place for each other, knowing how to listen and welcome. This you have to spare, because listening to me and embraces my fears with me. I love you!

Without your friendship, I would not have lived so many beautiful things or given so many sincere smiles.

We have thousands of memories together and I live longing to create new ones. I always want more than you, friend!

Friendship is about choice and I chose to stay by your side regardless of how life is.

joys are more intense when they are with you. Thank you for being the best friend there is.

Thank you for being my floor when I start living in the moon world. You bring me to reality, friend!

We had not only good times, and it was in the difficulties that I realized that our friendship was forever.

Your friendship strengthens me and shows me that I can achieve everything you want when I count on your support.

We do not share the same blood, but we are much more arrived than many sisters out there.

As long as you exist, I won’t feel alone. You are the best company to face life.

When life is running, I keep you in my thoughts to feed our friendship with my longing.

I want to see you well and I will do what I can so that this is real. I love you, friend!

My heart chose you as a family and I never trusted him as much as I trust in this decision.

I always want to be around and make you see the wonderful woman I see. I love you, friend!

Our friendship follows the same importance until when we cannot talk every day.

Whenever I remember our friendship, I thank God for the joy of sharing life with you.

I want to see you well, smiling, conquering the world and letting me be by your side to celebrate all this.

We will always be me for you, you for me and that’s what matters. Our friendship is my great find in this life.

Our friendship is old and we have already changed a lot. Of all the instabilities, you are my safe haven, because the affection follows the same and I know I can count on you in all my phases.

It was by chance that we met, but it was our tune that made this friendship grow and become so wonderful.

There are people who are not from the family, but who understand us and respects us much more than my relatives.

Regardless of anything, I’m with you. Count on me for everything, friend!

The world may be collapsing, but if I have you by my side, I know I’m strong to rebuild my life.

Friendship is not purchased, it is achieved with daily dedication, much affection and support. I love you!

Our friendship is so beautiful because it is sincere, without frills and we can say everything to each other without reserve knowing that we will be welcomed by who we are.

Your hug is welcoming and proof that our friendship replenishes me with energy.

Better friend love is the one who loves even the things we don’t like to ourselves.

friend, I pay attention to you, I’m aware of what you feel and always try to do you better … Your smile is my lighthouse.

I’m your arm and whatever else you need me. You will never be helpless if I am here.

In my life, I will always have a while for you and to hear you, friend!

I know I can say everything I need and you will keep my secrets with you.

I will never judge you, friend. I will always be the person who supports you and who will give you scolding when you need.

Our friendship makes me more me and this is the most special thing that happened to me.

It was an instant connection that makes it seem that you have always been here and I always met you.

I know I won’t wreck because our friendship is my safe haven and protects me from sinking.

Friend, you are in all my important moments and also helped make banal situations the most unforgettable.

I am free to be who I am by your side and this is the most special gift of our friendship.

Believe in you as I believe, friend. You make my life be amazing, imagine what you can do in yours.

My smile is always real when we are together. I love you, friend!

Who has a friend, even if one, no matter where he is, will never suffer from loneliness; You may miss you, but it will not be alone.

You are an angel who came directly from heaven to bring joy to my life.

Friendship develops happiness and reduces suffering, duplicating our joy and dividing our pain.

Friendship is a gift from God. Later we will miss those who do not let us experience loneliness.

Friendship is a love that never dies.

Friendship is love without wings.

All the riches of the world are not worth a good friend.

It was a person equal to one hundred thousand other people, but I made her a friend and now she is unique in the world.

My rhyme with yours.

If you ever find yourself trapped in the middle of the sea, I will sail around the world to find you. If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and can’t see, I will be the light to guide you.

said very well who defined his friend as half of his own soul. I really had the feeling that our two souls were one in two bodies.

Such a companion deserves to know that you always want her by your side. To record how happy you do for the things she does for you, check out gratitude quotes for friend and express your affection for this soul sister.

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