51 romantic song messages for the couple’s soundtrack

Every couple has romantic songs that marked the relationship. There are what was playing when you met, the one you heard on the radio and soon thought of him, the one you discovered together, finally, each one was present at a special time.

The best part of having several songs that remind you of your love, is that even when you are far away, you can listen to them and miss you, remembering everything that have passed together.

So we made a list of romantic music quotes for you to know other love lyrics to think about each other. They are all passionate and will be the link between you. See the one that most touches your heart and send it to your love right now!

Best Quotes of Romantic Music

When we are in love, a “I love you” is very little to describe everything we feel. So an excerpt from a romantic song can be a great way to express your love. Check out the best quotes of romantic songs:

Freezes your look at mine. Hide that you have already realized that all my love is your love.

If I didn’t love you that much, I might not see flowers where I saw, inside my heart.

My heart just wants you. And what I need most to complete me is to be able to love you.

With you, I make plans and I’m not afraid to regret it.

Impossible not to remember our love, the trajectory. Tattooed my heart, in my life made history!

Come to my life, come, that I don’t want anything else or anyone.

My love will not be a passenger, I will love you from January to January, until the world is over.

What’s behind this smile that makes me fissured on you?

Time passes quickly when I am with you. The hours saw minutes, I can’t understand. And what I want most is to live by your side every second, love.

But if it is to talk about something good, I will always remember you.

Short Quotes of Romantic Music

Here you will find short quotes of romantic songs to send to your love. You can share them in the status of your social networks, the subtitles of your photos or even whatsapp to make the loved one smile. Check it out!

Strange it would be if I didn’t fall in love with you.

I will share my only life with you.

For me to feel whole, I just need you!

dengo, in you I found my best!

Let me say that I love you, let me think of you …

I even love your defects, imagine the kisses…

Today I need you, with any humor, with any smile!

Your smile dismantles me whole!

You fell in love, hallucinated, unzipped my heart!

I’m glad I found you. Now I’m happier.

We are so much, that the rest is so little!

Country Romantic Music Quotes

Country songs have several romantic lyrics that stick to the mind and touch the hearts. How about using them to send a message of love? Check out our list with quotes of country romantic music to show your passionate side.

Peace and love is what I want for us. And that nothing in this world shuts our voice.

Loving you from afar is so bad. I want you live and color here.

So many smiles out there, you want mine. So many looks looking at me and me wanting yours.

If I had not found you I swear I was looking for you again, again, again …

If you ask me to stay with you forever, I won’t even think twice to answer you, you know I will!

It was God who handed me as a gift. In your smile today I want to live, in your hug I found my peace.

and if you ask me what your defect is, I don’t know yet. I love you and nothing more …

I exchange my peace for a kiss from you. I change my destiny to live yours. I change my bed to sleep on yours. I change a thousand stars to give you the moon.

I met love and he made me see that I fell too long, let me land on you.

If I need to draw that I love you.

Gospel romantic music quotes

A God -blessed relationship has the strength to face any adversity. We have selected gospel romantic quotes for you to thank you for finding someone who believes in the Lord and delivers your relationship to his hands.

What I feel is no longer a secret. I always wanted someone like this to love me and take care of me.

When I needed it, you showed me up. A gift and the sender was God. I feel so loved, this is good.

I could no longer resist. With a kiss and love, I gave you my heart, I fell in love.

You are the greatest proof of the affection and care of this God who made you just mine.

Our lives met, thank you my God!

Before I met you, I loved you. Before I love you, I fell in love.

It was God who gave me you. It’s like being able to dream and never wake up.

I just know that I am yours and you are mine. Our dreams are of God, our house is of God.

I will love you as long as I live. As long as I breathe, I will love you. I may even fight the whole world, but I won’t stop loving you.

This love, made by Christ, will not end. For it is true, it is lasting, for it is firm in God.

Citations of international romantic music

In this category, you will find the best citations of international romantic music. They are loaded with beautiful messages for you to say how much you are loving. You will identify with each of it. Check it out and choose the one you like best!

You’re Where I Wanna Go. The part of me that’s you will never die. (You are where I want to go. The part of me that is you, will never die)

then you closed your eyes, you took my Heart by Surprise and I Wasn’t Expecting That! (Then you closed your eyes, took my heart by surprise and I wasn’t expecting it!)

i can’t See one Thing Wrong Between The Both of Us. Be mine! (I can’t see anything wrong between the two of us. Be mine!)

I’m Thinking Out Loud. And Maybe We Found Love Right Where We Are. (I’m thinking loudly. And maybe we have found love well where we are.)

Now I Know I Have Met An angel in Person. And she looks perfect. (Now I know I met an angel in person. And she is perfect.)

i have love you for a thousand years. I’ll love you for thousand more. (I loved you for a thousand years. I will love you for another thousand.)

I Could Stay Awake Just to Hear You Breathing. (I could be awake just to hear you breathing.)

i Will Always Love You. You, My Darling You. (I will always love you. You, my dear you)

i don’t want another pretty face. I Don’t Want Just Anyone to Hold. I Don’t Want My Love To Go To Waste. I Want You and Your Beautiful Soul. (I don’t want another beautiful face. I don’t just want someone to hug. I don’t want to waste my love. I want you and your beautiful soul.)

I’m found a reason for me. To Change Who I Used to Be. The Reason to Start Over New. And the reason is you. (I found a reason for myself. To change who I used to be. A reason to start over. And the reason is you)

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