50 spiritual messages of wisdom to help us evolve at every step

In the Spiritist Religion, wisdom is fundamental for our spirit to grow and transform. After all, with each process, reincarnation and difficulty, we become wiser. The important thing to learn from previous teachings is to be able to adjust our step from this. Therefore, we have selected the best spiritist quotes of wisdom. Check it out and allow them to provoke you reflections!

Spiritist quotes of wisdom that provoke great transformations

Practicing good is our greatest mission. It is through good deeds that our spirit evolves.

To help someone, we need to hear what your need is, and not do what we believe to be what it needs.

Prayer heals the soul with such effectiveness that makes us ready for any occasion.

There are lessons that we only learn when our spirit is quite in a new difficulty.

Try to talk less and listen more, that’s what people really need, someone who listens to them.

Good deeds are the best way to follow our vocation and seek our spiritual evolution. Actions always speak louder.

Breedings are hidden alerts that only attentive spirits can hear.

It is not up to us to judge anyone. Each person faces their battles the way they consider it best.

Past errors guide us in the future so that we do not commit them again.

Physical balance requires spiritual harmony. Take care of your spirit as you take care of your body.

God gives us life daily, but it is up to us to decide how we will live it.

Our passage on earth is short near the life we ​​will live, but it must be lived leaving marks that contribute to the evolution of our spirit.

May the marks left here are of love, unity, charity and compassion.

The realization of our purposes amplifies and becomes quieter when we are united with other people in love.

Spiritist faith will not save you overnight, your actions determine the condition of your spirit.

The end only exists for those who have no hope that life continues after death.

The healing of our soul comes through challenges and our ability to overcome and learn from them.

We need to strengthen our spirit, that we can evolve it to reach our purposes.

In life, what matters is who we become as we take good deeds and preach love.

evolved spirits have undergone infinite trials. If it’s hard, you’re on the right track.

Every day we changed a little, we will never be the same as we were the day before.

Our dreams are not always what we really want to live. Therefore, life always happens in the right way.

Suffering teaches us not to judge our actions or those of the people around us.

New challenges will always happen, we need to prepare for them with the daily strengthening of our spirit.

Against malicious feelings, there is no peace. We need to expel them from our life.

everyday life is extremely important, because it is in it that we transform our spirit and heal our soul.

Life is short and fleeting, but it has no end. And when it comes back, it offers us opportunities to improve and evolve.

It’s not our emotions that control us, but reason, thoughts and study.

United we will get the battles against the things we see and what we do not see.

Spiritism must always be allied with science and we need to evolve according to its evolution.

To believe that there is a process for evolution is already halfway to evolving our spirit.

The cure for all the diseases of our soul is prayer and prayer.

Against the provocations, use only calm, tolerance and patience.

There is a huge connection with the world that we only develop by exercising our spiritist faith.

The pillar of reason is as important as the others. Therefore, we need to be rational in everything we do.

Our walk is composed of exactly what we need to evolve, but it is our actions that will determine or not our development.

Difficulties test our ability to overcome them and achieve the evolution we are seeking.

We will all awaken, but it is the love that will make us walk in the right direction.

we are more than we appear to be and we will live more than we imagine.

My intuitions do not fail, they guide me and talk to me. To hear them, I need to be in connection with my spirit.

God gives us every day a new life page in the book of time. What we put in it, run on our own.

Who speaks less, hears better. And who hears better, learn more.

Good deeds are the best prayer, so the acts are worth more than the words.

The attitude is prayer. And by attitude, we show the quality of our desires.

Life is not always as we dream, but we do not always dream what we want to live.

Our happiness will naturally be proportional to the happiness we do to others.

Solidarity, we will be union. Separated from each other, we will be points of view. Together we will achieve our purposes.

One of the most beautiful lessons I have learned from suffering: not judging, definitely not judging anyone.

Life is what you want daily.

Men sow on earth what they will reap in the spiritual life: the fruits of their courage or weakness.

that your faith is your guide to the healing of your soul and evolution of your spirit. To learn more about this religion that develops us so much, see quotes from Allan Kardec and learn from the Father of Spiritism!

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