50 messages to encourage reading to immerse yourself in the literary universe

Cultivating reading habit assists learning, improves vocabulary, improves writing and helps in concentration. In addition, books are able to attach our attention and transport us momentarily anywhere. So we have prepared a selection of reading incentive quotes to help you connect with words once and for all. Check it out!


Reading is for the intellect what exercise is for the body.

Take your cup and read at will: A good poem is the one that gives us the impression that you are reading us… and not us to him.

The book is the best companion on a rainy day. Take you anywhere without leaving home.

Books are dreams that we hold with our hands.

Many men started a new era in their life from reading a book.

Once you learn to read, you will always be free forever.

Living without reading is too dangerous, forces to conform to life.

I always imagined paradise as a kind of library.

Reading a lot is one of the ways for originality; A person is much more original and peculiar the more he knows what the others said.

Open a book, let yourself be carried away. A new world you will find!

Reading is a fantastic trip to the world of knowledge, where only you, who reads, has the opportunity to transcend!

The important thing is to motivate the child for reading, for the adventure of reading.

To read is to break free from the common world.

There are many small ways to broaden your child’s world. Love for books is the best of all.

The key that locks the door to ignorance is hidden within the pages of a good book.

The book is a gift that you can always open again.

Reading is an open door to a world of endless discoveries.

Encouraging reading is the most effective way to spread culture and values, incite imagination and awaken creativity.

The words of a book fill the mind, nourish the soul and warm the heart.

Reading is the trip of those who can’t get a train.

Encouraging our young people a taste for reading is to plant a seed with the certainty that it will bear good fruits.

Who reads, learns and lives happier, writes well and thinks about what it says!

Each page read of a book is a universe full of possibilities being discovered gradually.

My children will have computers, yes, but before they will have books. Without books, without reading, our children will be unable to write – including their own story.

Whoever reads, barely listens, evil speaks and evil seeing.

A book and like a window. Who does not read it, is like someone who was far from the window and can only see a small part of the landscape.

Living without reading is dangerous, forces you to believe what they say.

The book brings the advantage that we can be alone and at the same time accompanied.

Reading is an inexhaustible source of pleasure, but incredible as it may seem, almost all does not feel this thirst.

Reading the senses, widens the horizons, shows different ideas and dimensions. Makes us better human beings.

Reading makes me go where my feet cannot take me.

What amazing thing is a book! It is a flat object made of flexible parts in which we print a portion of dark and weird scribbles. But just look at him and you are within the person’s mind.

Reading is the way for knowledge and learning.

of all who fill our loneliness, are the most anarchic, the most exciting books. Read, and your silence will gain voice.

Reading magnifies the soul.

A book has long, light wings that suddenly take us away, far… Let’s fly?

True illiterate are those who have learned to read and do not read.

Books are a world with many worlds inside.

A book, besides being modest, is practical. Book does not need batteries or electricity. Book does not get rid of. There is no light, no noise and can be taken anywhere.

Reading a good book is an incessant dialogue: the book speaks and the soul responds.

Reading is much more than a simple eye relationship with books… It is a space, a favorite place, a chosen light, a ritual in which it matters until the time of year.

The book is an antidote against ignorance, insensitivity, superficiality and laziness. Make your friend an inseparable companion.

I like to read because books are with a passport out of my reality.

The brain of most young people today is like a deep cave. But every book you read is like a thread of light invading darkness.

Reading is a sea of ​​feelings and emotions present in our real and imaginary world, in which we need to dive headlong to discover an infinite of things.

The book is a faithful friend you can take anywhere and who takes you to any universe.

Books can be divided into two groups: those of the moment and those of the usual.

Reading brings to man fullness, security discourse and writing accuracy.

Reading all good books is a conversation with the most honest people of the past centuries.

Reading makes new concepts, new ideas and new attitudes flourish.

adventure, romance, suspense or self -help, no matter what gender, keep your reading habit! If you haven’t convinced yourself yet, also check out our book quotes and don’t give up! Sometimes you just haven’t found the perfect story yet.

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