50 messages of comfort to console someone in pain

To comfort someone we love when they go through difficult times in life can be a challenge. Whether for some disappointment or death, we will have to support a person we know and help you overcome whatever you are facing.

In these situations, even simple gestures can help to cook the heart of the suffering, as a special message. Do you know someone who is bad at the moment? Check out our selection of comfort quotes, choose the phrase that can help and send it to your person!

Mourning comfort citations

Death exists and we cannot escape it. We will have to deal with the death of a dear person or comfort someone who is going through it. Knowing how to say the right words is essential to help the person in this complicated situation. Check out this list of mourning comfort quotes we chose one by one, and be prepared!

Perhaps death is not the way out, but the entry to a new better journey, full of peace and tranquility!

If there is any comfort in the death of someone we love, it is to know that it is going to a place where there is no sadness, evil and pain.

I know that today the day for you is gray and ugly, but try to think that the sky is partying and much more beautiful to receive another star.

Don’t be afraid of mourning. It is just a genuine expression of our soul saying that whoever leaves will never leave our hearts!

I know that the next few days will be difficult and that tears will come, but know that anyone who is gone is now in a place where there is no pain or sadness and always, always will be with eyes turned to you and watching your happiness .

I know that it is not easy to lose those we love, but you can be sure that this person will be in your heart forever, cling to it!

Those we love never die, just depart before us. You will meet again someday!

Remembering with love of whom one is is one of the most beautiful forms of tribute. Keep it with love in your heart.

Who is gone was not for a bad reason, but because it was chosen to have a wonderful life of peace and tranquility! Calm your heart and keep it in mind always.

Time will try to transform your loss into longing. My condolences.

Death is only the beginning of a true life in peace and love. Wherever your beloved is, he’s fine. Believe it.

People we like never really leave. They continue here, with a little piece in the heart of each person who loved her.

You can be sure, all those who are gone are being cared for by loving and full of love.

God’s comfort quotes

Regardless of religion, many people seek refuge in God when they go through an unpleasant situation in life. He is always there for those who need their protection and warmth! Check out this list of God’s comfort quotes we selected:

Have faith, God will return your joy!

Have faith in this difficult time. He will be comforting the heart.

It is at times like this, that God is there by our side, comforting us. Have faith!

God is always available to comfort those who are looking for you, do not be afraid to snuggle in his arms!

He will wipe out all tear from his eyes.

I know that no beautiful word can take your pain, so I can only ask God to comfort you and warm your heart. Count on me!

Sometimes we do not understand why to lose certain things. But God is often getting rid of evil.

Trust God and His Peace will be unshakable at this moment of anguish!

God will never fail to offer you a friendly shoulder. Whenever you need it, know that he will be there.

God knows all your problems and is with you. Just listen to what he has to tell you and all his advice.

The hand of the Lord is always ready to comfort the sufferers, no matter the time or the situation.

The Lord is good, a refuge in times of anguish. It protects those who trust him.

Comfort quotes for friend

At some point in life we ​​will always have to comfort a friend, whether for a family loss, a breakup or even the death of a pet. Show your heart friend that you are there with this selection of comfort quotes for friend:

I am with you for all the difficult times that comes, you can count on me!

Everything in this life has a purpose, even all the suffering we can face. Have patience and everything will be solved, friend!

Life is not only made of good and happy times, but also of difficulties and pain, but it is in these difficult times that we should learn valuable lessons! Have wisdom to enjoy them, my dear.

I wish you a lot of strength in this difficult time, my dear friend.

In times of suffering is when we really see who is by our side. Don’t worry, I’m with you for whatever comes and comes! I love you, my friend.

My beautiful friend, better days will arrive. All spilled tears will dry and you will smile again.

Pain changes things, and depending on how you face, change you and make you stronger.

friend, count on me for whatever comes and comes. I will always be on your side, no matter what happened … Remember that!

You are too wonderful girl to suffer for those who do not deserve. Choose your battles better.

In our lives, change is inevitable. The loss is inevitable. Happiness lies in our adaptability to survive everything bad.

Yes, friend … I know it hurts. I’ve been in the same place as you and that’s why I tell you: it will pass!

Don’t be afraid of pain, my angel. It can hurt now, but then you will see how it all made you grow and become a sensational woman!

Just as the sun is born after the darkness, joy appears after sadness.

Evangelical comfort citations

When we go through some difficult event to deal with, it is best to seek warmth in our own religion and faith. Check out this list of evangelical comfort quotes we selected:

Blessed are those who cry, for they will be comforted.

When the flock is experiencing difficulties, the solution is to trust your pastor, Jesus Christ.

When we determine that we can overcome some difficulty in the name of Jesus Christ, the problem may be easily solved.

No matter the size of your difficulties or problems, if your desire to overcome is used with faith, faith will always take you above all.

The best place to be when the sea is angry, it is close to Jesus.

God gives us the opportunity to write, correct, and improve our story every day. Use this and will be happy again!

You will surpass the obstacles and the victory will sing on the other side! Don’t give up, go ahead Trust the Lord!

No matter the pain of your heart, he delivers victory in his hands, bringing a lot of peace and joy.

Do not cross your arms in the face of difficulty, for the greatest man in the world died of open arms!

Today you cry, and sometimes believe that you walk alone, but the Lord is always by your side, guiding and protecting you.

Happy are those who help the poor, for the Lord God will help them when they are in trouble.

The greater the faith in God, the greater the door to happiness.

Now that you have checked several quotes that can help you overcome something difficult, the next step is to have the motivation you need to give that up in life! We have the best selection of quotations of motivation in life that can help you in this, check it out!

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