50 messages of comfort from God to ease the pain in your heart

Our life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes we are fine, sometimes concerns take over our thoughts. When something afflicts us, we must seek help from the certain source that is our Lord. Therefore, we select the most beautiful quotes of God’s comfort that fills our hearts with their peace. Check it out!

God’s consolation quotes to calm your soul and restore your joy

God is our great aid. It helps us carry the weight of life when we no longer have strength.

The Lord Himself will be in front of you and will be with you; He will never leave him, will never abandon him. Do not be afraid! Don’t be discouraged!

The Lord is good, it is a refuge in tribulation; Know those who trust him.

God’s comfort is what can calm our hearts when we are living an inner storm.

When you don’t know what to do, give it into God’s hands and He will show you the right direction to go.

A Christian can never walk upset or sad. Who loves Christ is a person full of joy and that radiates joy.

I believe in a God who is always doing the best for his children and suffering is always accompanied by a lesson.

Maybe God is using this situation to teach you how to depend only on Him!

The only comfort in my affliction is that your word gives me life.

God is always by your side, bringing you comfort, blessing you, relieving your pain and giving you love.

Have faith in the God of the impossible. Only he is able to heal his heart and restore his joy.

Jesus is more than a friend. He is a master of truth and life that shows us the path that leads to happiness.

In the midst of pain, God taught me to accept your plans, because they are the best for my life.

My faith comforts me because I believe in the God who sees everything, who knows everything and that can do.

If I go through the valley, I will find comfort in your love.

I can try to soften your pain, but only God will be able to bring the relief that your heart seeks.

May God bring the answers you need and relieve your heart. I know you are very worried, but it can help you relieve this tension.

we trust only in God: this is truly sweet comfort and spiritual joy.

God brings comfort to those who believe and to those who do not believe, because He is merciful.

God never said that our life would be easy, but always promised to be by our side and help us with everything we needed.

When in my heart the anguish multiply, your consolations rejoice my soul.

times are difficult for all of us, but God remains faithful and helps all His children.

Never doubt the power of God. He will act, but it will be at the right time because he never delayed and is not good.

I can, I can, in the one that strengthens me. Nothing and no one in the world will make me give up.

Trust God and cry for your comfort. He hears our prayers and fulfills our requests when they are made with the heart.

My God, I can’t take the world anymore. I feel it is too heavy. Help me to relieve this load, extend your hand!

I know it’s hard to wait, but God has time to act and to heal, we just have to trust.

Listen to God calling you to a life by your side, where He will take care of you, comfort your heart and give you shelter.

The greatest gift God gives us is life. From there, the other things are straightened.

The consolation that comes from God is not over. Lasts forever and renews our faith in life.

Don’t worry about for nothing, delivered into God’s hands and be patient to wait for your act.

God’s comfort is my shield against the adversities of life. Nothing can reach me with him protecting me.

Do not walk down. Lift your head and look up, that’s where the comfort that allows us to live.

We must deposit our trust in God. He is fair, faithful and never leaves us, unlike men.

Observing God’s creation that is perfect already serves as a comfort because it shows that even the details, he takes care!

You are never alone because, even if everyone leaves you, God will never leave your side.

I let the tears run down, but with the certainty that in the morning God would have dried them and renew my hopes.

Pray for God to comfort your heart and replace your pain with joy.

True peace is to know that God is always willing to help us and support us when we need your comfort.

where longing has settled, God came in to bring comfort and remind us that life does not end here, but continues with Him!

The comfort of God in the flood of good things and fills us with his breath of life.

God is powerful and knows everything about us. He will offer you help, just listen to your voice calling you.

When God calls you, obey. He is inviting you to a life where you will never be alone and will always be supported by him.

As much as pain, God is greater than it and will bring peace to your heart.

All soul wounds will be healed when God is present in your life. Allow him to act on you!

Open your heart to God and allow him to change what needs to be changed and bring peace to your soul.

Every broken heart finds relief and comfort in the presence of God.

Do not be afraid to cry, God will comfort you and relieve the weight of your pain.

God is the only one who can comfort you because you know deeply your heart, not only the part you choose to show to others.

God has comfort to offer you. Allow him to transform everything in your life!

May you find peace with God. To continue believing in your promises of better days, check out our biblical quotes of hope and fill with faith!

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