50 messages from God for couples that will strengthen their relationship

You asked the Lord to prepare the right person to be by your side. He heard his cry and joined two hearts in one love. However, we must always strengthen this union! So check out beautiful quotes from God to couple who will leave you in the beloved’s arms to be in the arms of the heavenly father together. Share!

God quotes for couple who inspire eternal love

It is not a signed role that plays a marriage, but mutual delivery, respect and love. Stay faithful to each other, seek God’s presence and ask for wisdom to overcome all obstacles.

The couple prayer is like heavenly bread that nourishes and sustains the peace and love of a relationship. Strengthen love in the presence of the Lord and will have a blessed marriage.

In a Christian relationship, the couple can never go to sleep fighting: this is a breach for the enemy to act. Even upset with each other, enter their hands and pray together. God will reestablish peace.

We are not only carnal beings, we are also spiritual beings. Intimacy with God is the way to strengthen the spiritual union of a couple. May the angels of the Lord always be present at home.

sow your marriage in the soil of the holy word. Cultivate with prayer, praises and worship. Seek the presence of the Holy Spirit. For sure, the fruits of this union will be sweet, loving and blessed.

A marriage is a triad: husband, god and wife. May the couple always have a communication of affection and affection. May both read the Bible together, learn and share the teachings of Christ.

There is no perfect marriage, there will always be difficulties and tribulation. However, build your relationship based on the sacred word. Let God be the rock of your home and no storm will be able to shake your love.

In the beginning, God united Adam and Eve so that they would not feel alone. May the loved one be your favorite company, your proper help. Hand in hand, seek the presence of the Lord not to fall into worldly temptations.

God -blessed love is more powerful than any storm. Make the Holy Word the protective bell jar of your relationship and everything that tries to spoil your union will fall apart.

Before God, marriage unites two people in one spirit. May the ring shared by the couple be a symbol of eternity and may the name of the Lord be recorded in the heart of this covenant.

Lord, I thank you for listening to my cries and blessing me with a fellow faith of faith. Bless my marriage and teach us to be patience so that together we can grow in your presence.

Do not let social networks destroy the reality of your marriage. Images are only appearances, true love requires presence, construction and deconstruction. May God be the structure of your union.

There is no happy marriage without effort. When the couple strengthens the union, following God’s teachings, the virtues of patience, communication, and union become the basis of the relationship.

God created the family to be the basis of society. Remember, what Lord united, no one can separate. Invite the Holy Spirit to reside in his home and strengthen his marriage in the love of Christ.

Dear, you are God’s greatest plan for my life. Beside you, I want to walk, serve the Lord and live unconditional love. I put you in my prayers and take you in my heart. I love you, my love.

Love, God united our ways and intertwined our hearts. You are my best gift. Beside you, I want to love and worship the almighty who cares for us. I love you. Forever together!

The flesh is weak, but the spirit is strong. Do not let worldly temptations destroy what God has united with so much love. Make the holy word the greatest virtue of your marriage. Honor your marriage and spiritual commitment.

The couple who love themselves with the same intensity and devotion that Christ loves his church can forgive, release and reconcile. May God be the eternal covenant of your relationship.

Love, when I met you, I prayed to God and asked me to be the person chosen for you. Our marriage is the eternal covenant of a love that was born of the will of our Lord. We will remain united and in faith.

God’s plans are unscructable. In times of difficulty, the couple should come together even more in faith and prayer. Wait patiently, be supported to each other and, at the right time, the Lord will grant victory.

The couple who serves God has a different glow, a shining of happiness, for true love only the Lord can offer. May your union be an example of integrity and faith, both inside and outside your home.

The couple seeking the presence of God, beyond a marriage, lives the blessed sacrament and supported by the heavenly father. In joy and difficulty, be one to each other and both to love and serve the Lord.

I asked God for a sign of true happiness, so He intertwined our ways. Love, you are my strength, my hope, and the divine promise realized in my life. I love you.

marriage is the union of two forces. When God is present, faith is duplicated and the enemy is defeated. May the holy word be the shield and the relationship armor. May eternal salvation be the target of the couple.

Marriage is a great divine purpose that must be honored and glorified. Look at your husband and say: You are a gift from God in my life! Look at your wife and say: You are all I asked for prayer!

Our marriage is proof that God is a tireless romantic. In crooked lines, from a world full of perishable relationships, he wrote the most beautiful love story right.

The couple who have a purpose with God is intertwined with unconditional love. Let the Lord write your story, anoint your union and trace the divine plans of true happiness for your relationship.

The enemy is jealous of happiness that a couple united by the Lord shines. Pray, vigie, seek the divine presence, and when worldly temptations appear, say: My marriage is from God! May love win everything.

Family is like a garden that needs to be cultivated to flourish. Invite God to be the gardener of your marriage and will see love, happiness and peace bloom in your home.

Heavenly Father, we know that the Lord takes care of our marriage. We are grateful for blessing our union and increasingly overflowing true love in our hearts. Lord, may our covenant be eternal.

When the couple has lived in tune with God from the beginning of marriage, love does not wear out in the middle, it never comes to an end and prevails for all eternity. What the Lord has united, no one can separate.

Everything that comes from God is humble, magnificent, and blessed. Pray and watch, for the enemy is jealous of his Christian brightness. Do not let anything destroy the most beautiful gift you gave to man and woman: marriage.

Love must be light, honest and kind. Who loves does not hurt. Those who love take care, listen, forgive and seek to improve. Seek wisdom in God’s teachings to honor who is by your side.

The couple who puts God in the first place, faces difficulties, undergoes trials, but the protective angels of the Lord do not let the enemy put an end point in this union.

Love is like a rose and God is the perfume that must exhale in marriage. Do not leave the thorns, planted by the enemy, destroy the delicacy of their relationship. May the couple be an example of divine beauty in the world.

In marriage, it is not enough for a person to strive and seek the presence of the Lord. The couple need to walk together, strengthen faith and cultivate love to become worthy of heavenly blessings.

There is no chance or destination, there is God’s plan. It was he who united the couple so that together they could walk the same path, share weights, share the joys and build a new story.

When the Lord is the rock and fortress of a marriage, failure does not exist. There will be stumbles and falls, but God will raise the couple. Keep walking and, at the right time, the victory will be celebrated. True love wins everything!

Marriage established by society guarantees the couple rights, duties and a stable union. However, only a marriage performed in the presence of God guarantees the necessary virtues for a happier life.

In moments of discord, remember that God has united and blessed your marriage. Open the Bible and seek the divine presence. To the couple who remain in faith, for each problem, the Lord sends a solution.

Love, in the puzzle of life, God sent you to be my perfect fit. May our faith be the fortress of our love. May prayer be a moment of sharing and building in our home.

Romance One day ends. The fire of passion one day goes out. And the enchantment always comes to an end. Only true love, sealed by God’s purpose, can resist time and destroy obstacles.

In the home where the Holy Word reigns, peace and full love will reign. God is the anointing of marriage. Honor marriage worshiping and serving the Lord. May the happiness of Christ fall upon the couple!

couple, you are preparing the desired victory. In the meantime, it is not lacking fidelity and kindness in marriage. Union is about sharing lightness and weights. Do not let any obstacle be greater than love.

The couple who live a relationship with God, every day is blessed with small miracles. The presence of the Lord manifests itself in the home where there is love, faith, humility and devotion.

Human love is imperfect, but divine love is perfect. Put your marriage in the hands of the Lord and, in difficulties, seek support in the holy word. May God be the intercessor of His Union.

The Christian couple must be prepared not to fall into the enemy’s lip. Put God in controlling your relationship and seek wisdom in the Holy Word. May the Holy Spirit strengthen his union.

Discord is like rust that day after day erodes a marriage. Be sure to remember God when the relationship is already totally shaken. Every day, the couple should strengthen intimacy with the Lord.

Have you thanked God for your wedding today? So that the true and only joy may be present in your marriage every day, ask the Lord’s blessing. May the Holy Spirit be the protector of his home.

Love, may God always be the foundation of our marriage, may angels protect our union, that in difficulties we can pray together. Let us be eternal boyfriends and companions of faith. I love you!

The couple who serves the Lord find true happiness. Take the opportunity to check out God’s quotes in charge that will inspire you to strengthen your relationship in times of difficulty.

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