50 messages about solitude to understand how it differs from loneliness

Staying only can be seen as something distressing and sad, feeling aroused by loneliness. However, some people understand the importance of spending a moment with oneself and see it as positive. Next, check out quotes of solitude that will make you understand the advantages of spending time alone.

Quotations of solitude that manifest the joy in being alone

I find myself in the silence of my mind. Solitude is my home!

Solitude is often a choice led by self-love.

Who knows how much of this solitude is?

Solitude made me understand things that many could never explain.

Become able to love yourself until loneliness doesn’t scare you anymore.

Solitude is only bad when you decide to be alone.

solitude is freedom. Is allowing yourself to be yourself without fears or ties.

But solitude is not something we are saddened by; She is something to delight.

As you deposit so much of yourself, you will never see the beauty of being alone.

invite yourself to go out and see the world next to the best company: you!

Solitude makes you understand what comes from you and what comes from the other, and this is liberating.

I’m much better alone, you know?

Being with those you love is critical, so spend time with yourself.

Sometimes you need to be just to feel truly accompanied.

I made the silence my greatest ally and made a garden in my closed room.

If you listen, touch, see yourself, understand … pay attention to yourself!

Being present and available to yourself makes emotional dependence impossible.

To love is to understand that being alone is sometimes the best option.

I’m just my choice. I like my company!

dance your solitude, sing your solitude, live your solitude.

I discovered my strength when I could enjoy time with myself.

Staying is only the only way to rest the energies of others that consume us.

I never feel alone. I’m my main company!

Solitude is the certainty that your happiness does not depend on others.

Who should give color and season your life is you. Don’t outsource it!

socializing is great, but have you been alone enjoying your own company?

Isn’t it adorable, being completely alone?

I understand myself in my solitude, with silence and a lot of peace.

Abandon the bad habits, unrequited love, absent friends, but never abandoned!

Solitude is knowing how to complete with each other and remain whole when he leaves.

I like solitude, to be with myself, to think of life, rest from the other.

Only those who are capable of solitude is capable of communion.

Being just is not synonymous with being sad. Solitude is necessary for life!

There is something positive in solitude: it gives voice to your deepest feelings.

Solitude enables you to find the best in you.

I’m free to do whatever you want, when I want to.

Solitude is empty, but solitude is full of me.

I need peace, silence and rest that only solitude can provide.

But now I know, I’m better sleeping alone.

When someone complains about loneliness, give you the solitude!

Solitude allowed me to have an intense and deep exchange with myself.

I like to be alone, because no one can replace my company.

May being alone make you feel happy and loved fully.

I like my loneliness, even if not all the time.

I learned a lot about myself when I chose to be alone.

Be your best friend and keep yourself company.

Solitude is a path of self-knowledge and self-love.

Not always being alone is painful.

Being only provides you to be intimate with yourself and there is nothing better than that.

Alien chaos makes me feel the need to be alone.

From an early age you probably learned that loneliness is scary and related to abandonment. However, although sociability is necessary for human life, voluntary isolation at certain times in life is positive.

Going away from people allows you to get in touch with yourself, look your life more carefully, understand your own desires and dreams, and develop self-love. Beyond, of course, to provide you with a moment of peace and rest of the toxicities of relationships.

Now that you know about the facets of solitude, take the opportunity to check out these self -knowledge quotes that will inspire you to have a moment of attention and care for yourself!

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