50 love messages for your son that demonstrate the infinity of this feeling

A child is the materialization of love. It is deposited affection, affection and a lot of tenderness. Bringing the world a child requires a lot of responsibility and patience, both at the easy times and in the difficult, but it is a very beautiful and passionate challenge. We select quotes of love for child who express all this feeling. Come see!

Love quotes for child who are made of pampering and affection

my son, you are my daily pride and my gift from God.

Sleep, my little one, sleep that the night comes. Your father is very alone with so much love that he has.

daughter, I will always keep you by my heart. I loved you when I was inside my belly and I will love you until my last breath.

The love I feel for you goes beyond the greatness of the stars, my son.

I think every night I spent awake, worried about you or every time I took you to school. All of this is irrelevant compared to the size of the love I feel.

Stay like this, my love, without growing. Because the world is bad, it is bad, and you will suddenly suffer a disappointment, because life is only your bogeyman.

daughter, you will always be in my heart that innocent child who deserves care.

Close your eyes and don’t be afraid. The monster left, fled and Dad is here. Pretty pretty pretty. Beautiful boy.

I miss you, my daughter. Being away from you is like being without a piece of me.

My daughter, the love that came with you was enough to make sense every day of my life.

daughter, not even in my biggest dreams I could imagine that I would have such a beautiful princess in my life.

Everything you do, my son, fills me with pride and love.

Son, even from afar, your father is here for you. My love goes beyond any distance.

I just say because I love you. Your mother understands, wants, gives you help and only one request does. Don’t forget and obey. Your mother knows more.

I only discovered the true form of love when you arrived in the world, son.

You are the dose of love I need to follow my day, daughter.

Beautiful day will be when you arrive. A pillow, a blanket and the affection that gives and leftover. I bought it to the fan and got your wardrobe. You don’t even know when it comes and already has love for life.

Maria Luiza’s samba is beautiful as what and that’s why Dad is already in love with you.

Son, when you arrived, my life made a new meaning. I wanted to become a better person to make your world even more beautiful.

There is the smell that Mom likes the most. There are the kisses that I want to feel. So small that it fits in my arms, no matter how much it grows it will always fit.

No suffering and pain has tormented my heart since you arrived in the world, my son.

Son, I know you grew up. But my concern is still the same since you were born.

daughter, you are so small, but you are giant inside my heart and my life.

promises to be my boy forever, let me sing to make you sleep. That I promise I will take care of you forever! I love you infinity, my girl.

Son, I love you more than I love myself. You are my passion of life.

If it depended on me, I would give you all the world, my son.

Daughter, you are an angel that God allowed him to come down to earth and delight the world with his magic.

son, I didn’t know I was able to give birth to someone as perfect as you.

After you were born, daughter, I realized that you were the one my heart waiting to arrive.

As long as I live, my son, I will do everything you can be happy. I love you.

My son’s smile conveys a love capable of healing all the pains of my life.

I will look at your soul and love you even more. Now I want to see you born. Now it’s me and you, son.

My inheritance for you is love capable of making it quiet, full, recognizing the world in itself, my daughter.

I have for you all the love of the world: a love that heals, creates, helps and accompanies.

I will be your defender for a lifetime, like your guardian. I will be your protective warrior, your first direction. I will be your angel on duty, I will always be alert. The greatest of all honors, I will be like your guardian, daughter.

You are the best part of me. The most beautiful, most loving part, the part I always dreamed, my loved one.

My child, my son, love within me, is eternal as well as the happiness I wish for you.

daughter, always remember the love I gave you, for only through love that we can be happy.

You make everything look good and your love shines so intensely. You bring me back to life, daughter.

son, not even poets would be able to translate into words the love I feel for you.

Seeing a little being as small as you learn to live, it was the greatest honor I’ve ever had in my life, my daughter.

You have become my greatest pride and passion. My heart explodes when I see the wonderful person you have become, my daughter.

daughter, your voice to me, it’s like music that calms my heart.

Now you take care of me just like I already take care of you. It is the reciprocity of love, son.

The love of a mother with a child is like a wire resistant to any adversity of life.

My son is more beautiful than any poetry ever written.

A daughter will never be able to understand a mother’s love until she becomes a.

Love unites us forever. There is no reason to cry, because in my heart you will always be. My love with you will follow.

A father is able to cross the world to help his children, such is his love.

Seeing my big, happy and healthy daughter is an indescribable joy for me.

Whether for child or anyone else, love is the most beautiful and powerful feeling there is. Check out other words of affection with our cute quotes of love and spread this feeling.

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