50 character quotes to be a person faithful to your principles | messages, wishes and quotes

Everything we do and how we react to certain situations shows who we really are. To be good people, we need to think about others, in addition to living with humility and honesty. So, we made a selection of character quotes for you to rethink your values ​​and how you have led your life. Check it out and share!

Straight to the point:

quotes of character and humility

Humility is a characteristic that is part of those who think about others, but do not go around spreading their good deeds. Check out the quotes below and understand how important it is to carry this quality!

Whoever has a humble character does not spread everything they do just to see people admiring their actions.

The greatest value a man can boast, without fear of appearing exhibitionist, is his character in favor of life.

No property or amount of money is more estimable than humility.

Character, honesty and humility: those who have it, go far!

A sign of character is choosing to be humble in any situation.

Be humble and sincere, but never abandon who you are, no matter the circumstances!

Be admired for your simplicity, because beauty does not define character.

Taking advantage is the greatest poverty there is, because it shows a lack of character and humility.

Like a flower, humility sprouts in the beds of special people full of character.

The acts we perform must have the shine of humility.

From grain to grain we can shape a humble character. Don’t give up on doing good deeds!

Only a good and honest heart understands the value of gratitude.

A beautiful soul is one that is humble, has character and always thinks about others.

Character and personality are two ingredients that cannot be missing in a good person.

Reputation is what you do in front of people and character is what you do in their absence.

Care more about your character than what other people think about you.

Our character is the result of our conduct.

Personality is character! It’s knowing who you are and not giving up what you believe in, whatever the situation.

What you do also determines who you are!

Who are you when no one is watching?

There is nothing better to determine a person’s character than their attitudes.

Our character and personality are tested on a daily basis. There’s no point in saying it’s one way, but acting in a completely different way.

Character reveals the personality of any person.

Personality is remaining fair and honest, even when no one is watching your actions.

Give power to a man and know his true personality.

The greatest test of character is being faithful to your personality, your origins and the people you are with.

True character is revealed when your honesty is tested.

Time unmasks appearances, reveals lies and exposes character.

For me, it is more important to achieve my success with honesty, rather than by going over people’s heads.

Many people think some honest acts are stupid, but I prefer to live stupidly honest and keep a peaceful sleep.

I prefer a life of honesty to being accused of lacking character.

Knowing when to be honest is a virtue.

Honesty is an expensive gift. Don’t expect that from cheap people.

To make mistakes is human, accepting mistakes is character.

The price that honesty demands is not something that trickery can pay.

I make honesty a lifestyle and I don’t give up being who I really am!

The evil ones flee even when no one pursues them, but the honest man is as brave as a lion.

I’m honest and I don’t give up on being on the right side of situations. Always choosing the truth shows who I am, without masks.

The best way to see people’s character is by observing their actions and whether they match what they say.

A man’s character is formed by the people he chooses to live with.

The appearance will attract attention for a few minutes, but the character will surprise you for the rest of your life.

The worst disability is moral, as there is no prosthesis for an amputee.

The greatest proof of a lack of character is a person following the premise of: do as I say, but not as I do.

When we fall in love with character and not appearance, we are sure that the relationship will last forever.

People judge appearances, but they forget that the evil in society are people without character.

Character is what you see in the dark.

No one is better than anyone else, but some stand out for their character and others for their lack thereof.

True character is in the heart as well as the soul.

You don’t need an alliance to be faithful. Character, love and respect are in the mind and not in the ring.

Change is not a sign of a lack of character, but that you have learned from your mistakes and are willing to evolve to be someone better.

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