49 humorous messages to say around friends and guarantee lots of laughs

Living with humorous people happy our day and makes us see life in a lighter way. This is because, even in bad times, they are looking for a way to make the situation funny and what once seemed a huge problem, in the end, becomes a joke.

Thinking about it, we made a list of humor quotes for you to adopt it in your days and make them even more fun. Also, these quotes are ideas for you to share with the people around you and make them laugh!

Funny humor quotes

Are you the type of person who takes advantage of every moment to make a cute and are tired of always using the same jokes? Check out the humor quotes we have selected and use them at the best times to entertain your friends!

I never had problems with drugs. Only with the police …

If you want to drink we drink, if you want to eat we eat, if you want to work we sleep and expect to pass.

I never slept with ugly woman, but I’ve woken up with several.

Poor is the same tire, the more it works, the smoother it gets!

Missing is human. Blaming someone else is political.

Sex is pure mathematical: first you decrease your clothes, then divide your legs well and finally pray not to give multiplication.

Learn one thing: The world does not revolve around you. Only when you drink too much.

I started a diet, cut drinks and heavy foods. In 14 days, I lost two weeks.

When I get in a fight, my motto is: Either bush or hill. If you can run away by the bush I will, if I do not… I go by the hill.

Love is like gasoline. It is expensive, it ends fast and can be replaced by alcohol.

I avoid things that get fat, like mirrors, scales and photographs.

The day someone chasing me can be sure, is assault.

I’m afraid to ask God “what did I do to deserve this?” and listen to the answer for 5 days.

sexual fantasy is like a poop: we only find it normal when we are from us.

claustrophobia: fear of closed places. Example: When I’m going to the bar and I’m afraid of him being closed.

short mood quotes

With a few words it is possible to make the people around them die from laughing. See in this category the best short and funny quotes for you to decorate and release on your friends when the opportunity comes up!

I had a sweet side, but I ate.

The most bipolar phrase in the world: my ours.

I knocked down a yakult on the floor. It was a lactovacilo.

Who early Madruga spends the day with sleep.

In Saci fight, any kick is a flying.

Giving up is for the weak. Do like me, don’t even try.

You who have already taken a turn, taste like?

Your future depends on your dreams. So go to sleep.

Never beat a person with glasses – use hands.

Appearances deceive, and in some cases scare.

Avoid seeing an idiot every day – break the mirror!

girl, has a little face in your makeup.

I found your nose. He was where he was not called.

I don’t give up my wife … and not yours.

Humor quotes for friends

Our friends are the best targets for our zoeiras, after all, we lose our friend, but do not lose the joke. The following quotes are very funny and ideal for you to share with your colleagues. Choose your favorite and send it now!

Friend is the same screw: we only see if it is good at the tight time.

Friends are like bras: close to your heart and are there to support.

Beauty Tip: Always walk with a friendly friend than you.

Finding friends with the same mental disorder as you… it’s priceless!

There are friendships that are worth it, but its worth the whole chicken.

May God protect my friends. Of enemies, I take care of me.

Making a friend is a gift, keeping a friend is a virtue, but having me as a friend, seriously, is an honor!

friend is the same as the old car, we only have damage, but do not want to get rid of it.

In the name of our friendship, if you fall, I help you get up … But only after I stop laughing!

Friendship is the same as Louis Vuitton Bag. Everyone has, but few are true.

Between putting together a passionate friend and hitting a finger on the corner, what furniture would you choose?

Humor Quotes for Status

Sharing funny messages on social networking status is a great way to brighten your contacts and even show how you are a fun person. So we selected the best mood quotes for status for everyone to know their cheerful and funny way!

If I’m a good party, imagine whole.

Today I woke up feeling the last cracker in the package: all broken.

Mirror, my mirror … Why do people care more about my life than me?

I am looking for someone who understands me and then explains me.

It’s no use spending your life looking for your half of the orange if you are a sour lemon.

I’m so needy that the barbecue arrived and said, “- Heart?!” And I answered, “What was it, love?!”

Follow your dream. Keep sleeping.

They say everything that comes back. I think my money was lost along the way.

The person has two faces and neither is beautiful.

only happy ending I know is the weekend.

If all that is good lasts shortly, I should have died a long time ago.

Love is not what when you arrive you hope you never end. The name of this is holiday.

Smart humor quotes

In this category, you will find smart humor quotes with the best puns for you to use in your daily life and make people laugh at never thinking about it. You will have fun checking!

If you ever feel a void inside you, eat hungry.

That mobile operator that always agrees: Of course.

If you have a woman who leaves the man with his mouth open, she is the dentist.

In this climate of election, I could well have a good party.

If you are at the limit, do not heat, talk to the bank manager and install.

If it’s to give me an ice, put it in the glass and complete with whiskey.

More and more month left at the end of money!

Words are like pencil: they can disappoint.

Who invented the clock did this at the right time.

I even want to take a course in life, but I only take cachaça.

But of course God existed!

If the facts do not confirm the theory, abandon the facts.

Sure our selection with humor quotes cheered your day and made you taste like “I want more”. So we have separated another list with funny quotes for you to decorate and have everyone!

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