47 messages about childhood to remember this wonderful time

Sometimes, you want to be a child again for a day, right? Being able to play all day without worrying about commitments, being able to find friends and spend the afternoon laughing at everything that happens, without even knowing why you are laughing. Without a doubt, this is the best phase of life!

It is a phase with a lot of purity and full of learning and it is when the little ones discover each day a new thing and the eyes shine for these discoveries.

This subject gives huge nostalgia… Thinking about it, we made a list of the best childhood quotes for you to take a few minutes of your day and remember yours. Your heart will be filled with longing. Check it out here:

Quotes on Happy Childhood

There is no better phase than childhood. It is when we collect stories that are stored in memory and heart for life. Check out quotes about happy childhood and think the moment you brought you the most joy at this stage.

To be a child is to have the ability to be happy with the little or much that surrounds her.

Childhood should be a time of joke, because it is kidding that children have their first lessons in life.

Being a child is being happy, running, playing until you get tired and still ask for bis!

Childhood is such a beautiful phase that part of us will always live in it.

In childhood everything is beautiful, wonderful and full of joy. That time never take away this beautiful stage of life.

If it wasn’t for childhood, I would spend life without knowing what happiness is.

A happy childhood is the greatest gift that parents can give their children.

May the innocent smile of our children today become the smile of happy adults tomorrow.

The secret of childhood being a time of happiness, it is precisely because it is a period of life when the human being has no greed or vanity.

The wonder of childhood is that for them everything is wonder.

childhood is magic. Everything is fantasy. Life contagious.

The secret of children being happy in childhood is simply because they have nothing to worry about.

Quotes on Childhood and Saudades

It is impossible not to miss our childhood. After all, it passes so fast that when we realize we are already in adulthood. But the good part is that we can remember everything we live when we were still small. See the quotes we selected about childhood and longing and record your best moments of child!

Remembering childhood is the sweetest way to be happy again.

Who would say that one day we would miss our childhood if our greatest desire was to grow.

wanted to go back in time … correct my mistakes, try to live every minute of my childhood, perpetuate these magical moments.

I miss childhood, the time when little things made us happy.

I miss childhood, from this time when my biggest concern was not to dirty clothes.

oh! I miss I miss the dawn of my life, my dear childhood that the years no longer bring!

Remembering childhood is how to remember a good dream, where everything was possible.

Childhood memories are those that imprison us in time and have a tone of longing and happiness.

I miss when my only fear was dark, my only concern was the broken toy and my only pain was the grated knee.

Childhood landscapes are colored by memory!

I miss childhood, when there was no worries or stress and everything was about playing and smiling.

Childhood memories are incomparable. They are desired and lived experiences. Moments of a time of the most comfortable. Love stimuli for the rest of your life.

of memories that inhabit my memory, only one does not age: that of my childhood.

That time when we just wanted to grow is the one we so much like to return. I miss my childhood!

Funny childhood quotes

For children there is no bad time for anything, any moment becomes a joke, everything is laugh and joy is not lacking for those who live with the little ones. Here you will find the best funny childhood quotes that will cheer up your day!

Your childhood ends when you sleep on the couch and wake up on the couch.

Just don’t post a picture of my childhood because in my day I had no camera.

If I post a photo of childhood I lose half of my friends.

Childhood Trauma: “On the way back we buy.”

Eat hidden milk powder, fill the spoon and stuck in the sky of your mouth. My childhood!

The children today have no childhood, have Facebook.

In my childhood, my father taught me how to walk the line. Today remembering everything, I was almost run over by the train!

Who never competed to see who spent more time without breathing under the water, had no childhood.

All my imaginary childhood friends should already be doctors and lawyers now.

The best memory of my childhood: I didn’t need to work.

Childhood is like being a drunk. Everyone remembers what you did but you.

It is comforting to meet a childhood friend and find that he also failed.

Quotes on Childhood and Education

The role of older parents and people who live with children is to pass on teachings about all areas of life, such as right and wrong, how we should treat people, among other things. The education that the child has shapes the person he will become. Check out citations about childhood and education.

The child learns playing and playing she is happy!

Education has the noble task of preparing the new generations.

Educating is telling stories. Telling stories is turning life into the most serious joke of society.

It is only possible to teach a child to love loving her.

Song lyrics can teach children something. It’s not just fun.

If we want to change something, it is for the children that we should start. We must respect and educate our children so that the future of nations and the planet is worthy.

educate children so that adults do not need to punish.

raising a child is easy, just satisfy your wishes. Educating is laborious.

Educating is sowing wisely and harvesting with patience.

Those who live with children know that there is no way to be enchanted by every thing the little ones say and get ready. We have selected another list of child quotes for you to reflect on these little ones!

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