45 welcome messages, June, to enjoy the best this month has to offer

June has arrived and with it there are many celebrations! Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day, and the days of St. Anthony and St. John leave nothing to be desired with the famous June parties. To receive this month as it really deserves, check out receptive citations of welcome, June!

Welcome Quotes, June for a month full of celebrations

Thank you, sir, for the month that starts today. Take care of my family, my friends and me too. May they come amazing days!

Welcome, June! May it be a beautiful month and blessed by God. Filled with love, laughing surprises, whole joys, peace in soul and endless blessings!

June, you beautiful, welcome! Arrive together, get warming, arrive filled with joy, lightness and a lot of love!

That in the Arraiá de June you can skip all your problems, take an extra dose of hope, find a dream stall and smear with love!

In June we have popcorn and also warm, welcome to the month of St. John!

June bring: peace, smiles, love, health, lightness, affections, victories, kindness and endless blessings.

Goodbye, May, take all the bad and negative, everything that didn’t work out and all my disappointments! May June come loaded with emotions and big news.

Finally, we won May! May God bless us in this new month that begins today. May he embrace us and take care of us in a special way. Welcome, June!

Happy June! May this not only be the month of the boyfriends, but also a month of achievements and victories in the presence of the Lord.

gratitude, sir, for the month that is gone and the month that begins. May our days be of peace and infinite blessings. Welcome, June!

Welcome, June! Sow the faith and harves miracles. Sow the prayer and collect answers. May it be a blessed month!

June, we expect you full of hope! Bring us joys, health, peace and much love. May it be a month much blessed by the Lord. Welcome!

Almighty God, I deliver this month every day in your hands, do it the best I can and everything according to your plans. Welcome, June!

Welcome, June! May a new stage come, let new moments come. May new joys come and be simply unforgettable!

May this month that starts now be light, blessed, enlightened, productive and very happy for all of us. Welcome, June!

What will come, will say. And what happened, stayed. The sun is born again, June has arrived!

It’s already June! Put a smile on your face and symbolize the month of the best celebrations!

Hello, June! Welcome and bring a sea of ​​happiness.

June has arrived! Put the hat, put on the boots and seen that neat puffian outfit to enjoy the best this month: June parties!

Welcome, June! I only ask for a month full of good things. May smiles be spontaneous, true friendships and all evil dissipate!

Deliver this new month into God’s hands and everything will work out. Come with everything, June!

For the new month that begins, I only wish the essentials: love that overflows, faith that produces miracles and health to enjoy each day with intensity. Be very welcome, June!

June, welcome! May it be a beautiful month and that St. Anthony, St. John and St. Peter come to bless us.

Welcome, June! All new again, that’s how it should be.

Let new stories, new smiles and new achievements come this month that begins. June will be a blessed month!

That in this month that begins today, our days be of peace, may the blessings of the Lord accompany us, and that your will be done in our lives. Welcome, June!

May June be lived with more courage, less doubt and more action. Welcome, best month of the year!

Valentine’s month has come to warm the hearts of lovers. Welcome, June!

Welcome, June! Valentine’s month, from Santo Antônio, St. John and St. Peter! Come blessed, full of peace, love, with fun June parties to rejoice us.

I only ask for a month full of good things, joy and a lot of party. There is more, June!

May June be blessed and revealing! Advance, approach and especially allow love for others to exceed differences.

A new month begins. New cycle, start, start, opportunities. May He be victorious to all of us. Welcome, June!

June arrives opening smiles, renewing the air and bringing beautiful surprises! May it be a month of great happiness.

Welcome, June! You arrived to bring the best season of the year: winter! It can come, because we are prepared.

and it all starts again … gratitude for the month that is gone and the month that starts now. Welcome, June!

June bring paçoca, cocada, warm and peace in the heart!

Welcome, June! May the hand of God every day sustain us and may every blessing of His reach. Live our purpose!

I want more! Welcome June! Month of many blessings, victories and achievements!

June is full of mood, effort and learning. A blessed month for all of us!

Come, June, welcome! May everything be renewed, open doors, new opportunities and victory realization.

Welcome, June! Lord, I deliver my next days in your hands. May I not lack faith, strength and courage to keep fighting!

Welcome, June! A new month begins and the certainty that I bring with me is that the same God that made us win May, will make us win the new days.

June, welcome! We are already halfway through the year. Renomer, believe me, go to the faith! Make your dream happen!

Welcome, June! The month may be winter, but our heart is warm to receive you with open arms.

This June: smile, love, hug, forgive, be kind, have faith and the most important … be immensely happy!

In the blink of an eye… you have already reached the mid -year, but don’t despair! A lot can and will happen until December.

So, also check out this inspiring selection of quotes to enjoy life and live one day at a time, without worrying about tomorrow.

Make up with time and enjoy what each month has to offer, with your parties and celebrations! Surprise yourself with all the possibilities and be immensely happy.

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