45 quotes about being a mother that show what real motherhood is like | messages, wishes and quotes

Becoming a mother is an achievement and a fulfillment for many women. At that moment, a lot of things automatically transform, especially the heart that seems to fit more love. Furthermore, responsibilities increase, time decreases and many things change. Therefore, we selected the best quotes about being a mother. Check out and praise the warriors who embarked on this adventure!

quotes about being a mother that reveal so many emotions in all its phases

Being a mother means fighting every day, facing challenges that people don’t see, but being rewarded with the love of our children.

Being a mother means realizing that your heart can grow and become increasingly filled with love.

It’s not easy being a mother, but it’s an insane adventure, full of ups and downs, and very rewarding.

Being a mother isn’t all I am, but it’s all I want to be.

Being a mother means realizing that every day you have to be stronger because your children need you!

When I became a mother, all my priorities changed and all I want is to see my son happy.

There are many challenges in motherhood, but the biggest one is teaching our children not to depend on us.

It is love that makes all the challenges of motherhood overcome.

Being a mother means discovering that unconditional love exists and makes our daily lives easier.

I’m discovering the most intense adventure of my life. Being a mother is a journey whose destination is only love.

Mothers are human beings who live between mistakes and successes, but they do everything by giving their best and thinking about the best of their children.

Being a mother is a job that never ends, even when your children grow up!

Being a mother is a big part of who I am, but I am also a daughter, a woman, a friend and a professional.

If it weren’t for love, perhaps I wouldn’t embark on this adventure. But thanks to him, I became a mother and I am very happy.

Being a mother means, after a tiring day, dismounting with a single smile from our children.

Being a mother means finding in your child the inspiration to win all the battles that appear in our day.

Being a mother means having to put some interests aside when our child needs us.

Being a mother means seeing how time passes quickly and with every second our children are getting older and filling us with pride.

I discovered that I could love more than seemed possible when I became a mother.

Being a mother is a unique experience for every woman. But what’s the same for everyone is how everything changes after motherhood.

Being a mother means living for the happiness of our children and doing everything to make it more and more real.

When I think about giving up, I remember that I’m a mother and I have a beautiful, smiling reason to keep trying.

Being a mother means becoming a safe haven for our children and discovering a strength we didn’t even know we had.

If I am strong to generate the love of my life in my womb, I am strong to give him everything he needs to be happy.

Being a mother means fulfilling a mission designed for those who love, protect and fight against the impossible for their children.

Being a mother is a unique, worthwhile experience that fills us with intense, pure and true love.

I love being a mother because it was motherhood that gave me the love of my life.

Being a mother has many challenges, but I wouldn’t trade anything for the pleasure of having my children in my arms.

Being a mother means living for love, for love and to give love.

God blessed mothers with unconditional love so that we would have a sample on earth of the size of His love.

Being a mother means getting little sleep, being in a rush, always being tired, but doing it all knowing that it’s worth it.

Being a mother means not wanting to have another life because this is the happiest we’ve ever had.

Being a mother is a blessing. I am extremely grateful to God for having been blessed with this joy.

I am very proud to be a mother and to raise my children with respect, love and empathy.

Being a mother is an exhausting job that deserves more support and recognition.

It’s not enough to be a mother, you have to be close and know how to listen to what your children have to say.

I became a mother and discovered that I have a lot to learn, a lot to live and a lot of love to give.

Being a mother means taking on this responsibility knowing that it will never end and loving much more than you can imagine at each stage.

I’m a mother, but I’m a friend, I’m a character in games, I’m a counselor and I’m everything my son needs.

Mothers are the definition of love and can transform everything they touch because they do it with their hearts.

After a body supports another body, no heart can bear the little.

My mother, I know what you suffered for me without complaining, you would give your life for me, just to defend me.

Mother, your infinite love, eternal love is so deep.

Everything is uncertain in this hideous world, but not a mother’s love.

Your heart is like this, a flower that blooms every morning, a source of love that is never-ending.

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