45 military status messages that represent order and discipline

To be a military is to cultivate many values ​​to become a better soldier and serve the country. It takes focus, determination, discipline, respect and order to be strong and brave. Follow firmly in your career and show your contacts that you are proud of it. For this, check out the best military citations for status and share the one that inspires you the most!

Military citations for status that show your pride for your profession

To be a respectable military is to be ethical and never miss the courage to do the duty.

Great battles are only given to great warriors.

It does not mean that we are not afraid, but courage and commitment are always greater than our trends.

It is not by force that respect is imposed, but by ethical and courageous attitudes.

Good soldiers do not waste time, they get up immediately after a defeat.

The strongest of all warriors are these two: time and patience.

We prepare ourselves every day for war, even if we are living days of peace.

This is the quality of the warrior: understanding that will and courage are not the same thing.

Under the direction of a strong general, there will never be weak soldiers.

We fight more for peace than for war because we want to continue having peaceful days.

a real military man is not corrupted. He knows that the right thing is the only thing that matters.

To overcome the battles of life or profession, my uniform is always lined with strength and courage.

It takes discipline to prepare and become the best soldier I can be.

I honor my uniform with discipline, courage, ethics and I go to the fight!

Winning without risks is triumph without glory.

There is no option to be weak because strength is what the country expects from us. We have prepared to serve it.

A minimum requirement to become a good military is to be in love with the country and its people.

Readiness is our motto, so we are prepared for anything.

Have the courage to face their fears and discipline to become stronger than them.

The true soldier does not fight because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.

Those who do not give up and do the best every day, prove to be worthy of the uniform they use.

we seek order and we fight for it because this is what leads to peace.

The army may spend a hundred years without being used, but can not spend a minute without being prepared.

Who has focus and discipline, becomes a stronger soldier every day.

The strength of a military man comes from his desire to fight for what is right.

Strength does not come from time to time. It is developed through discipline and focus.

courage … little soldier of the huge army. Your books are your weapons, your class is your squadron, the battlefield is the whole earth, and victory is human civilization.

We do not fight only for us, but for all who trust that we can bring and maintain peace.

The bravery of a soldier is the first thing people will notice. So, always be brave!

A soldier who loves what he does is a soldier who will stand out and not be afraid to do his best.

It is not in war that the courage of the soldier is tested and forged, but in the small battles of everyday life.

In the name of order and peace, we fight and do our best for those we defend.

Discipline is the soul of an army; makes small contingents large, successful to the weak, and estimates all.

Without courage, I don’t leave the place. It is she who moves me to be a brave soldier.

I make fear my motivation, because my goal is to overcome it for something bigger than me.

Do not move with a military person who is proud of his profession.

Bollet for what you believe and make your values ​​your motivation.

I am proud to be military and to make myself available to my country.

A strong soldier respects the leaders and knows his place.

We struggle to defend all those who believe in our homeland.

The ant is small, but they are an army when together.

Discipline is my friend and brings me clarity when problems appear.

A military man who respects his profession is the one who never leaves his ethics.

War is not imminent, but I prepare myself as if it were going to happen tomorrow.

Soldiers also fail and, when they rise, prove that they are even more worthy and brave.

Keep struggling to be a better, stronger and more respectable military man. To inspire you not to give up on the battles of life and your profession, check out warriors quotes and follow firmly in combat!

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