45 messages of courage and faith to win battles with God’s help

In our lives, we will face many challenges and struggles. We can often feel weak or not to be able to overcome obstacles. At these times, our faith comes into action and fills us with the force that comes from God. Thinking about it, we select citations of courage and faith that will make you firm in the rock that is the Lord. Check it out!

Quotes of courage and faith that will lead you to the conquest of your dreams

God replaces fears with love, faith and courage. Trust in Him!

Our most powerful weapon is our faith. The more you believe, the stronger you get.

We can do everything in God because He is the one who makes us strong!

When our faith is in the rock that is God, we do not fear any evil.

Take your thoughts to God, believe in your act and wait with faith and courage for your victory!

sir, when my courage fails, hold my hand and show me where to follow,

When fear comes to haunt you, show him who you trust and he will run away.

God’s plans lead us to eternal life by your side feeling your grace very closely.

sir, it makes my faith grow so that I never doubt the plans I have for my life.

Have faith and patience in God’s action, he will take you with dark ways and take you to the light that never stops shining.

In Christ, our source of faith and courage never dry. He always renews our strengths when we need.

Tomorrow doesn’t scare me anymore because I handed it into God’s hands and I know he will do the best.

Calm your heart, deliver your concerns to God’s lap and wait for him to do the best.

Be brave! Jesus is by your side and will help you in the fight against all your battles.

God expects us to be brave because we know the size of your strength and power that will always be by our side.

With God in front of us, nothing is able to knock us down.

Our greatest act of courage is to have faith and deliver our fears into the hands of God!

Where God is, there is also courage, strength, faith and life!

God is my shield, He gives me the courage to continue knowing that nothing will bring me down.

courage! The plans God has prepared for you are full of victories!

Lord, teaches me to be braver in my daily life and never doubt your plans!

My faith saved me because God has freed me from evil and filled me with courage to face the challenges.

God filled us with the spirit of courage. Believe in Him, wait for Him and don’t be discouraged!

The more our faith is proved, the more brave we need to be because that is what God expects from us.

The important thing is never to stop faith in God’s act. He will give you the victory in the right battles.

Christ gives meaning to our lives, He fills us with courage and faith. Live with an open heart for him!

Have the courage and wait. God will act at the right time, need not be anxious or try to advance the plans of Him!

The Christian life is full of struggles, but God has already given us the greatest victory that is eternal life!

Who has God, has all the courage they need to face their fears.

On the day God called his name, he turned all his fears into courage!

Put your plans in the hands of God, He will give you what you know is best for you.

Through prayer, fear goes away and courage enters our hearts.

Prayer always brings an answer, we need faith to hear what God has to say, not what we want to hear.

God is righteous and fills us with strength to conquer what He has already prepared for us.

There is no formula for reaching victory, but praying, having faith and being brave help a lot.

If crying comes, no fear. When dawn, God will bring you your smile back!

No themes! God will never abandon you and will be His light when the darkness comes.

At any time I fear, I will trust you. In God I will praise His Word, in God I put my trust; I will not fear what the flesh can do to me.

courage! And strong thirst. Nothing to affect you, and not them, for it is the Lord, your God, who marches your front: He will not let you even abandon you.

Faith is what saves us from a life of fear and pain. It makes us know what God has prepared us.

watch! Firm thirst in the faith! Men’s thirst! Strong headquarters!

You cannot swim to new horizons until you have the courage to lose the coast of sight.

A beautiful story is made of great faith and courage. Write yours with your heart!

God never said the journey would be easy, but he said the arrival would be worth it.

God is in control of your destiny and will bring you your victory at the right time.

Don’t be afraid to fight and when you feel weak, ask for help from the one who is the most powerful. And to continue feeding your faith, see our quotes from God is faithful and trust what He says to you.

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