45 friendship messages for WhatsApp full of affection and love

Who has a friend of the chest, has gold! After all, nothing better than sharing every moment of life with special people who are always willing to support us. If you have people like that by your side, then you are more than lucky. Take the opportunity to show all your love and send these friendship quotes to WhatsApp.

Friendship quotes for WhatsApp who will leave your friends superflies

Friends restore the smile, warm the soul, calm their hearts, return peace and illuminate the day.

Friendship is when you find a person who looks in the same direction as you, shares life with you and respects you as you are!

What makes us friends is this ability to be many, even when we are two.

The Path of Life would not have so much sense without the company of true friendships.

Friendship is similar to a good coffee: once cold, it does not warm without losing much of the first flavor.

I have no need for you. And you have no need for me. But if you captivate me, we will need each other. You will be for me unique in the world. And I will be for you unique in the world.

God that free me to be without my friends!

Friendship makes sense only if heaven brings closer to us, and his beginning is inaugurated here.

A love can leave like the seasons, but good friendships remain.

You don’t need a number of friends, just the right friends.

The friend must be like money, whose value we already know before we need it.

having a friend is not something that everyone can boast.

Friends make laughter higher, the hottest conversations and the happier life.

Friendship is born when one person says the other: “What? You? I also thought I was the only one.”

Those who move the friendship away from life seem to tear the sun of the world, for the immortal gods gave us nothing better or sweet.

friend! Speaking of longing, I’m missing you so much.

In fact, I think friendship and love are exactly the same thing.

Friendship is not sought, not dreaming, it is not desired; She exercises: it’s a virtue.

One day I was told that real friends are forever and I believe it!

One day, you will realize that who is true will be by your side, even when you least deserve it.

I could bear, though not without pain, that they had died all my loves, but it would go crazy if they died all my friends!

What does “best friends” mean? It means that if one falls, the two get hurt.

There is no better thing in the world than living, enjoying and enjoying life, which goes by fast and from here we will take nothing but all experience and friendships.

Friendship is a love that never dies.

and when we ask “take care of me” in our prayers, God sends us friends.

long friendships continue to grow, even long distances.

We find out what we are made when we are called to help our friends in need.

Friend we don’t seek, the heart is.

winter, spring, summer or autumn. All you have to do is call and I’ll be there, yes I will be. You have a friend!

When the road in front seems difficult and you are miles and miles from your good and warm bed, remember what your old comrade said: Boy, you have a friend on me!

friends are angels without wings that God sends to be by our side.

The days would be totally colorless without my friends.

real friends is at all times in life, be the good and bad. Always supporting and cheering us.

real friends are few. And the heart knows who they are.

I speak with tranquility that I am who I am today thanks to my friends. Without them, I would be lost.

Happy moments with friends are the best. The laughs, the jokes, the hugs … All this is stored in the heart forever!

A true friendship is a meeting of souls that the universe gives us.

Every day I thank God for the amazing friends He has placed in my life. They are my greatest treasure.

My sweetest memories are also the simplest: a calm night, at my friends’ house, laughing and talking outside.

True Love is not just the romantic! Sometimes our great loves are in our friends.

You already know, but it costs nothing to remember: I love you and I will be here for everything that comes. After all, friendship is for that!

good friend is that friend who pays a beer. So, who will be my good friend of the day?

A friend wipes your tears and also tears you the best laughs.

I am extremely grateful to the universe by friends who are in my life. They are the ones who make my days better.

Friends also give scolding, after all, they always want our best!

Never stop showing all your love for friends! Enjoy and read these ancient friendship quotes that value longtime ties.

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