45 belated birthday messages for a friend that apologize

In the rush of everyday life, it may happen that you end up forgetting the day of a special person. When this happens, don’t waste time, run a loving message so that the damage is not bigger. For this, check out the best late birthday quotes for friend and share your affection and a delicate apology!

Late Birthday Quotes For Friend who show how much you love you

Good thing you know me, friend, and you know I didn’t forget it badly. Happy late birthday! My desires are the same if I had agreed the date: love, joy, peace and health.

I was late to remember me and I was the only one to congratulate you now. Happiness, my friend. May your year be full of blessings and joys.

I come to ask for your forgiveness and I know you have good heart, friend. Congratulations on your birthday, it’s late, but it’s sincere. I love you!

I won’t lie, I confused myself on the dates and arrived after the time. Congratulations, friend! It is late, but it is sincere and full of love.

Even if it is late, I want to tell you that you are important to me and I love you so much. Congratulations, my friend. Be happy in this new cycle.

My delay says nothing about you, just that I’m terrible with dates. Congratulations, my friend. Shine even more in your new cycle. I hope your dreams come true

You are special to me and would like to have appeared at the right time, but I arrived late to congratulate you. Happy Birthday friend. I love you!

The fault is all the rush. I couldn’t stop and send you a message, but I have now arrived to say that your life should not be celebrated only in one day, but always. Congratulations, my friend. I love you and I always want to celebrate the wonderful person you are!

As I am special, I did not want to do the same as everyone and send a message on the right day. My congratulations late, friend. I promise to try to hit next year.

Having you in my life is too special and I hope my congratulations late will not make it change, friend. Happy birthday! May this be the best year of your life.

A lighted person like you, will forgive me to be late, right? Congratulations late, friend. You are light in my life and everyone around you.

My congratulations is late, but it is with affection. Happy Birthday friend. I promise not to make mistakes again so you don’t have to forgive me twice in the same thing.

You have a big heart and you will forgive me, right? Your friendship is important to me and I will reward you. Happy Birthday late, friend!

I didn’t forget about you or your birthday, I just remembered the date on the wrong day, friend. Congratulations! I love you with all my heart. The first person I think about telling news is you. I miss you, dear.

There is no excuse for my delay, it should have been a better friend. Forgiveness. You make me better. Congratulations to you and your year be spectacular.

You are important to me, I’m just not very connected on dates and I ended up exchanging the days. Congratulations, my friend! May God fulfill all your desires.

next year I will not make mistakes and I will get even advanced by counting countdown to celebrate this person so wonderful that it is you. Happy birthday late, friend. Long live an intense happiness every day of your life.

I lost the celebration of your day, but I decided that I would give you congratulations late. Happiness, my friend. May you find infinite reasons to smile, because your joy does mine.

friend, congratulations late! May God bless you with a very good heart to forgive my forgetfulness. I love you!

Don’t put me on your list of people who didn’t congratulate you because I’m here, late, but I arrived. Happy Birthday friend. I love you! What are we going to do to celebrate your life even more?

You are one of the most special people of my life, so I’m so upset to have forgotten to send you congratulations. Happy Birthday late, friend.

I will compensate you with joy and fun on the day after your birthday and turn into the most special week. Congratulations late, friend!

In my head, I had been sending you happy birthday. We are even getting old, friend, but our friendship continues to improve, a true safe haven. Congratulations for another year of life late!

Your day and you remain important in my life and it will never change. Happy Birthday friend. It is late, but it is with the same love as usual.

My votes never change, even when they arrive late. They are so that you are always happy, friend. Congratulations on your birthday!

Life is a constant party, especially in the birthday week. I missed the day to extend this delicious climate in your life. Congratulations late, friend!

I hope you can apologize and accept my congratulations full of affection and a little delay. I love you, friend!

Congratulations late, friend! May your way be of peace, love and joy. You are light in my life and will shine everywhere.

next year I will arrive on time because I do not want to lose the party or not to celebrate your day with you. Congratulations late, friend.

May you never lack emotions in your life and your friends, like me, be more linked on your birthday. Congratulations! I love you.

I trusted my memory and it failed. Congratulations late, friend! May you realize all your dreams and live the best year of your life.

It is a privilege to call you friend and I know you will be able to forgive me. My congratulations late! May you gain a lot of good things in life, not just one day.

brought a very beautiful gift to slow down the weight of my delay in congratulating you. I love you friend. Cheers for your new cycle!

My dear friend, that you discover new reasons to love and live. Congratulations delayed. Know that I never forget you!

The rush made me forget to have the congratulations, but I didn’t forget it was your birthday. Congratulations, my friend. May you feel how much you are loved every day. You were present in my prayers!

You are special and deserve a whole week of celebrations. I start extending your birthday just so as not to say that I congratulated you late. I love you, friend!

May happiness be full in this cycle that has begun and that you live unforgettable moments. Congratulations late, friend! Love is always up to date.

I love you and I love your friendship. Happy late birthday. Know that you live in my heart and I cheer for you every day.

May God bless you in your new cycle and may you find joy on all sides, even my delayed congratulations. I love you, friend!

You don’t deserve my oblivion, but since it happened, I hope I deserve your forgiveness, friend. Happy Birthday late!

I arrived with a little delay, but I came with my heart full of love to give you. My congratulations, friend. May you collect achievements this year.

I ask God to fill you with blessings and give me a good memory not to forget your birthday next year. Congratulations, friend!

I go with my head in the clouds and let your day spend without sending you a message. Congratulations, my friend! You are amazing and you will have a year full of joy. When are we going to celebrate?

You are more than too much and will give me a discount for forgetting to congratulate you, right? Happy Birthday friend! That we can celebrate your date on the right day for many years.

I hope your day was special, even without my congratulations message. Happiness, my friend. I love you and I always want to see you happy. I forgot the date, but not how special you are.

Now is doing everything not to forget about this date again next year, right? To show you how much you really love her, check out gratitude quotes for friend and thank you for the partnership you built.

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