40 quotes about toxic relationships that will open your eyes | messages, wishes and quotes

Toxic relationships are difficult to identify, mainly because they involve a person for whom we have feelings. However, it is important to be aware, because healthy relationships should not hurt us or cause suffering. Therefore, we selected quotes about toxic relationships that show that you must be your priority. Check it out and rethink whether it’s worth keeping these people in your life!

quotes about toxic relationships to understand that you can get out of this

Love should not be suffering. Love should make you feel good and want more and more to be who you are!

It’s only worth fighting for a love that makes you grow. There is no such thing as a relationship lasting forever even when it hurts you!

Don’t confuse love with dependence. Love has to be light and respect who people are as individuals!

Only you and no one else should determine what you will wear, eat and who you will talk to or go out with.

Some relationships are exactly like that saying: beautiful guitar on the outside, moldy bread on the inside!

At first it will be difficult, but over time, you will realize that you made the right decision in ending that toxic relationship!

Love is having the freedom to be who you are, talk to whoever you want and do whatever you want!

You’re a girlfriend, not a psychologist!

Just because he does little things to please you doesn’t mean you have to forget everything he’s ever done to you!

Discovering your strength and that you can be free is the first step to leaving a toxic relationship!

Relationship is not and should never be a form of control!

You are stronger than you think, you will get through this battle and you will always have my support!

If it steals your energy, diminishes you and imprisons you, it’s because it’s wrong!

People who love you will help you get out of a toxic relationship. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

There is no perfect relationship, but that shouldn’t be used as an excuse to be an asshole to someone!

You are a complete person just by existing. Don’t let your relationship take that away from you!

A toxic person uses “worries” and care as a way to control and blackmail you!

The worst kind of violence is the one that people can’t see!

Don’t let anyone say you’re crazy. Only you felt everything that happened on your skin!

The first step, perhaps one of the most difficult, is to admit that you are in a toxic relationship, but never doubt your strength in getting out of it!

If it diminishes you, it’s because it doesn’t serve you. You deserve a relationship that can be whole!

The beginning of the relationship does not say what the middle or the end will be like! Always pay attention to details!

Violence is not just physical. At the slightest sign of psychological abuse, run to someone who can help you get out of this situation!

There are not only toxic romantic relationships, friends and family can also be abusive!

In the most subtle attitudes, we perceive people’s toxic behavior!

It may be difficult to notice, but when it happens, don’t be ashamed to talk to people you trust. They will help you!

There is a lot of abusive speech disguised as a declaration of love!

You are not obligated to fix anyone. If it hurts you, take care of your health and free yourself!

No one deserves to suffer, you are worthy of a relationship that recognizes how special you are!

Disguise is a toxic person’s greatest weapon. Be careful when the masks fall off!

A toxic person slowly poisons us until there is nothing left of our shine!

Don’t question your sanity at the suggestion of other people! Trust your intuition!

Breaking up with a toxic person is the beginning of your much-deserved freedom!

If the relationship steals your shine, it is because the relationship is not healthy and there will always be a way out!

Our eyes gradually close when a toxic person does everything to blind us!

Love chases away fear, so in a relationship there is no room to be scared!

A healthy relationship accepts both people completely. Happiness only exists if shared!

You are too big for anyone to limit your greatness and fullness!

A toxic person drains our energy and drains our desire to be happy, even if it’s just a little at a time!

Appearances can be deceiving, but attitudes always reveal people’s toxicity!

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