40 quotes about second options to not accept crumbs of love | messages, wishes and quotes

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to value a good relationship. Some believe that their partner should always be willing to do anything, but they don’t lift a finger when they are the one who needs help. With that in mind, check out the best quotes about second options that help you end this type of relationship. Only dedicate yourself to those who truly value you!

quotes about second option to escape this trap

Being a second choice means accepting that there is someone more important than me, but this role is not for me!

Somewhere, there is someone who values ​​me. I will no longer humiliate myself for someone who cannot see me.

I’ve suffered too much treating people who didn’t do the same to me as a priority. Now, I only treat people the way they treat me.

You could see that I wasn’t your priority when I needed you and you weren’t here.

The suffering of being second choice is not eternal, but it leaves scars for the rest of my life, as it becomes increasingly difficult to open up to other relationships.

Everyone deserves a love that treats you as a priority, values ​​you and dispels your fears of being a second option.

After your last display of lack of love, I decided to move on in search of someone who prioritizes me.

When we love, we make time, find a way, do what we can, but don’t treat it as a second option.

When it comes to hierarchy of values, the second option is a place I’ve never liked.

It hurts so much to be passed over by someone who should treat us as a priority.

Whoever thinks the second option is a good place to leave others needs to be a second option for life.

The problem with people is that they don’t see that the second option can be better than the one they chose as the first.

Better just than begging for attention from someone who wants me as a second option.

Our mistake is believing in the good of people and thinking that they will prioritize us.

Your words say something completely different from your actions. I’d rather believe in what you do that proves that I’m not your priority than be deceived by what you say.

I won’t be your second choice because that’s not what you do with someone you like.

I know my value is high, so don’t even come close if it’s not to prioritize myself.

Being a second choice hurts because it makes it seem like we’re not enough for anyone.

I’m tired of being treated as a second option. I will no longer be with someone who doesn’t deserve me.

You lost so much with me by not prioritizing me. But the most important thing is that you lost me.

When you don’t value those who are by your side, you end up being alone. Don’t treat someone who treats you as an option as a preference.

He made light of me and ended up alone. This is your reward for treating me like a second choice.

I’m tired of people who think they can treat others anyway because they think they’ll never lose them.

I no longer have patience for people who think they can prioritize the people around them.

You are invaluable in shrinking and fitting into a second option.

I’d rather not be yours than just be your second choice.

I like being by your side when everyone can see, I like it when you prioritize me properly.

If it’s to be your second option, know that you won’t be more than that to me either.

I don’t want to be sidelined ever again. I want to be with someone who takes me to the middle of the field.

I deserve the full relationship package. I don’t just want you half.

Otherwise it was this time, next time it will be. You will be treated as you deserve.

You chose not to prioritize me, so you lost me. Now, try to gain the same affection you gained from me, from the things you always put in my place.

I don’t want to be your second option. I don’t want to be your afterthought.

Don’t beg for attention from people who only pretend to care about you.

Priority is what I never was for you.

There’s no shortage of time, there’s no shortage of priority.

From one excuse to another, I realized that, in fact, I just wasn’t his priority.

If you want to come back, it will be my fun, my drink, my snack, my second option.

You want priority, exclusivity. Are you kidding me?

Because of you, I’m afraid to open up to people and realize that I’m second choice again.

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