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It is not always possible to be strong. There are adversities that seem too much for us to overcome and we begin to doubt ourselves. But being strong goes far beyond physical strength, it is often something spiritual. It’s when we go beyond our own limits, it’s part of maturing.

To show you that your strength is greater than you think, check out the best quotes about being strong. Like and share today.

quotes about being strong to show that strength is not just physical

Be proud of your overcoming and always be ready for new and more challenging ones.

If things seem easier over time, always remember that they haven’t changed. It’s you who is stronger!

When you weaken, turn your face to the sky and know that everything will pass. Difficult moments happen to teach us, make us grow and learn to fight. Everything will get better. Have faith and believe!

When a problem arises, use your powers and become strong as a rock.

If you carry marks and wounds on your chest, think that they are reminders of everything you fought for. Being strong does not mean coming out unscathed. Being strong means overcoming.

Life doesn’t give you much choice, problems will come. It’s up to you to choose whether you want to be strong, face them and resolve them or whether you prefer to live a life of sadness and denial.

The best sensations in life only cost us courage.

Let things come as they wish, let them hit you with whatever intensity, let them stay there for as long as necessary. Just never let them reach beyond your surface.

Everything has a solution. Believe! Even the most difficult problems will become small in due time. Don’t give up!

Life’s problems are only as big as we give them.

Overcoming is necessary, being strong is necessary, going through problems is necessary. Otherwise, you will no longer be needed.

We don’t know how strong we are until we need to be. Things happen at the right time and you will never have a burden greater than you can handle. Believe in yourself!

Strong are those who transform darkness into light.

Stop suffering and make it happen!

Take life’s problems as a challenge. You will feel compelled to overcome every hardship and every obstacle, and when you succeed you will feel an unforgettable feeling of overcoming and accomplishment.

The secret is to find the strength within yourself as soon as possible, that way everything will flow.

The force takes you up the stairs, step by step and with each step you feel further away from the problem and closer to rest. Fight while you can!

When a new problem arises and you feel like you can’t take it anymore, take a look back at your life. How many times have you felt this? Think that you came out unscathed and that you are only who you are today because of all of this.

You are much more than an opinion formed by someone who doesn’t even know you!

If it weren’t for problems, you would never discover hitherto dormant capabilities. If it weren’t for the problems, you would never know how strong you are.

If it weren’t for the problems, you wouldn’t have grown so much. Deep down, you should be grateful for the problems, because they made you know yourself better.

Being strong means getting out of bed every day to face life even when life doesn’t smile at you.

Being strong means remaining calm even in moments of despair.

Keep your head calm and your heart calm. The strength gradually grows until you realize that everything has passed, and you have made it through. You are much stronger than you know.

Be led by your dreams and not pushed by your problems.

Being strong is making someone happy when your own heart is sad. It means not complaining or taking your problems and anxieties out on others.

If you get tired, learn to rest and not give up.

Being strong is trying to see life beyond your own emotions. Being strong is having faith when it seems like there is nothing left to believe in!

Be stronger than your best excuse.

No obstacle is too great when we trust in God.

Nobody makes padlocks without keys. In the same way that God doesn’t give you problems without solutions.

You will win, but first God will teach you to be strong.

He who kneels before God, stands before anything.

May my courage be greater than my fear and may my strength be as great as my faith.

Whoever has a soul full of faith is invincible.

In the end, we can handle much more than we imagine.

Don’t be afraid of life. Be afraid of not living it.

Be strong and smile, and the rest becomes poetry.

The sky is not the limit. Your mind is.

We will never know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice.

Being strong can mean many things, but the most important of them is showing your maturity as a person. Share with your friends the quotes about being strong that you liked the most. Also check out support quotes to know that you can count on those who love you to be strong and overcome any adversity.

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