40 messages I miss your grandmother to remember this dear person

Having a grandmother is golden luck and those who no longer have this person present or lives far away knows how the longing tightens on the chest. At these times, we just have the memories of a time that no longer comes back. To kill the longing and remember the good times, we separated the best quotes from the grandmother!

GRANTS GRANT QUANTITIES SO that will bring sweet and beautiful memories

I miss your lap, your smell, your love. I will love you forever, grandma.

infinite pain, infinite longing, infinite despair. The worst sensation in the world is for sure when you lose who you loved the most/loved it.

Grandma, Sundays smelling of your coffee will be forever in me. Today you received wings, so flies, because the party up there is for you.

A grandmother is a memory that the heart keeps forever.

Grandma, I will always carry your teachings in my heart. The longing is great, but love is greater.

Grandma, you have always been so dear that God wanted to take you close to Him just to feel all the love you have always overflowed.

longing hurts. Who leaves leaves a void and a silence that punishes those who stay.

I will never forget every time your wrinkled hands held mine.

You are the most shining star in my sky, guiding me every night. Always live in my heart.

Even if the physical eyes do not see, who we love is always around.

grandma, you will always be my greatest example of life. I miss you!

You were more than just a grandmother, you were my best friend. My life has changed forever, but I will still love you until the end.

grandma, when you left, I knew that in my heart was born an endless longing.

Dear grandma, we really miss you and would like you to always be with us, but since God wants you too, I will keep your memories alive in me.

God looked around his garden and found an empty space. Then he looked at this land and saw his face tired. He put his arms around you and raised you to rest. God’s garden must be beautiful, it only reaps the best.

There was magic in the grandmother’s touch and the sun’s brightness in his smile. There was love in everything she did to make our lives worthwhile.

If flowers grow in the sky Lord, then choose a lot for me, put them in my grandmother’s arms and tell her that they are mine. Tell her that I love her and miss her so much and when she turns to smile, put a kiss on her cheek and hug her hard.

My grandmother taught me everything except how to live without her.

I still love my grandmother so much. Flowed out of my chest. Without her, where would my love go?

We had a wonderful grandmother, someone who has never really aged. His smile was made of sun, and his heart was massive gold.

grandma, you are miles away, but I still feel it present here, every day.

No matter the distance, I will always have my grandmother present in my daily life, because it was she who taught me everything.

grandma, I can’t wait to see you again. I’m counting the days for our reunion, because I miss you.

I miss my grandmother’s tight hug. This distance between us makes me even more nostalgic for all the moments we live together.

To have a grandmother who lives far away is living with a constant longing.

You rested, grandma. I know it was better this way, but there’s no way, I miss you every day more.

My grandmother was one of the best people of my life. She is in a better place now and I hope someday can meet her.

Grandma smelled of flowers and now she went to scent the garden of God.

I miss your hot foods, your fantastic stories, your fragile hands that have held mine for so long. I miss you, grandma.

We are never prepared for the Final Goodbye and saying goodbye to my grandmother was one of the hardest things in my life.

My grandmother always said that no one can contest the time of God, but he had to take her anytime soon?

My grandmother is present in my sweetest memories, because she taught me everything I know today.

I would not be the same person without my grandmother. My longing is eternal and your presence is stuck in me, everything I do and I am.

Grandma, you go, but left a beautiful legacy here on Earth. I hope you are in a better place, without pain and with plenty of love.

The smell of coffee, warm cake, flower perfumes you passed every day. These are these small details that I miss the most, grandma!

I miss your kind smile, your warm hugs, and your words of wisdom. I hope God is taking good care of you, grandma.

Time heals injured, but never erases deep memories of love. ETERNAL HEALTHS, GRANGE.

You taught me to be strong, grandma, and at this time of loss and pain, I have to remember all your lessons.

Today, I am sorry for not having you by my side, but I thank you, above all, for having the opportunity to meet you. I love you forever, grandma.

I never imagined that it could miss someone so much. I hope God receives her with open arms, grandma.

Who still has this person so dear next door, can not miss these birthday quotes for grandmother!

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