40 messages from Spurgeon for those who admire the prince of preachers

Charles Haddon Spurgeon was a great reformed Baptist preacher who claimed to be the Bible the only object needed to preach for eternity. His teachings bring true reflections capable of making us think about our faith. To know more about the thought of this great pastor, read our Spurgeon quotes and understand more about God’s love!

Spurgeon quotes to reflect on God

There is nothing small in God.

Those who dive into the sea of ​​afflictions bring rare pearls up.

The glory of omnipotence is to act by improbability.

Between two ills, no choice.

Do not let what is urgent to take the place of what is important in your life.

I heard of the saints of recent days. I prefer the saints of every day!

Learn to say no. It will be better for you than learning Latin.

Prayer itself is an art that only the Holy Spirit can teach us.

It is not the amount of your faith that will save you. A drop of water is as true water as the whole ocean.

The more in heaven there is in our lives, the less of the earth we covet.

preach the gospel in view of the glory of God, or hold their tongues.

Many men are aware enough to fear sin, but not enough to save them from it.

The law of the Lord is the bread of each day of the true believer.

Is a man who loves his Lord will be willing to see Jesus wearing a crown of thorns, while he himself wants a crown of laurels?

You can hide your weakness of your best friend, but it will not hide it from your worst enemy.

God leaves your wrath quickly, but never repents your love.

When the members of our churches demonstrate the fruit of true pity, we will immediately find people asking which tree produces this fruit.

There is sin even in our holiness, there is unbelief in our faith, there is hatred in our own love, there is mud of the serpent in the most beautiful flower of our garden.

The Bible speaks in the tone of voice of God Himself.

Whether or not you will live until you get home today depends absolutely on God’s will.

Men, to be truly earned, need to be won by the truth.

ten minutes praying are better than a year murmuring.

In forty years I never spent fifteen minutes awake without thinking about Jesus.

A small faith takes souls to heaven, but a great faith brings heaven to souls.

The target of prayer is God’s ear.

Our anxiety did not empty the suffering of tomorrow, but it only emptied the strength of today.

Many men get empty hands because they do not know the art of sharing.

My people pray for me.

If when I come to heaven the Lord tells me, “Spurgeon, I want you to preach for all eternity,” I will answer, “Lord, give me a Bible – that’s all I need.”

When God’s Word converts a man, he takes his despair from him, but not his repentance.

For a man who lives for God nothing is secular, everything is sacred.

Be careful with yourself, our worst enemies are within us.

The profession of faith without divine grace is the funeral pomp of a dead soul.

Do not believe in half of what you hear; Do not repeat half of what believes.

God writes with a pity I never blur, speaks to a language that never misses, acts with a hand that never fails.

True conversion gives person security, but it does not give it the right to stop watching.

The Bible, the whole Bible and nothing more than the Bible, is the religion of the Church of Christ.

In general, we will never see much improvement in our churches, while the prayer meeting does not occupy the highest place in believers’ esteem.

There are no changes in Jehovah’s love, although there may be changes in the way he is manifested.

Forgive and forget. When you bury a angry dog, it never leaves his tail out.

It is always good to renew our faith and hope so that we can live better. Also check out Blessed Week Quotes and spread blessings to your friends and family.

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