40 messages from Neymar for fans of this football star

Considered as one of the big names of the Brazilian team, Neymar Jr. has become an idol for the admirers of football! With his dribbles, unpredictable plays and large numbers of goals, he has won many titles in his career. To understand more about the responsibility this great athlete carries on his back, check out our selection of quotes from Neymar!

Best Quotes from Neymar

Revealed in 2009 by Santos Futebol Clube, since then Neymar Jr. has been a protagonist in the teams when he is invited to play. Learn more about your trajectory and how much football means in your life with the quotes we selected below!

I know what I represent for football.

Moment of difficulty we all pass, and in football it is the same. It is a cycle, the ball is round. In one day it is fine, and in the other evil.

I have Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as idols. If you can get a little bit of each, I’m very happy.

I’ve heard a lot of criticism, but it will never shake me.

I was always one of the main names, carried just about everything on the back.

The best player in the world is here, who is Messi, and I am one of the luckiest guys in this world, today to be able to play with him.

There are no words to describe what your country is to represent.

Football there (in Europe) is the same here. The ball is also round.

It’s getting harder and harder to play, because everyone knows my potential. Therefore, I need to do something more, seek improvisation.

Don’t play to be the best.

Barcelona taught how to play football.

The ball is the most jealous woman there is. If you do not care, it will hurt you. I love the ball and she returns.

Thank God he gave me a gift, which is to play football. And another gift is to have a lot of patience too.

A dream I have is the World Cup. No one is more anxious than me. No one is more afraid than me.

I don’t think about being the best in the world. Of course, winning the golden ball is a very big dream, but it comes naturally.

I’m just one more that makes football a little more beautiful.

From the fans we expect the support and affection of all, until the end of the match encouraging, as every player likes.

In life we ‚Äč‚Äčnever earn everything, but we always learn in defeat. And what counts is to participate.

I have my way, I don’t mimic, nor try to look like anyone.

Robinho is my idol, he will always be better than me. I still have a lot to do and achieve.

Funny Citations of Neymar

Like every public figure, Neymar Jr. has already been involved in controversies, but also seeks to lead a light and relaxed life. See some of your most iconic quotes that have become memes worshiped by Brazilians!

The bold arrived !!!

God is top!

so, fake!

Then, in morals, today I’m silly!

seeing #rockinrio, but I really wanted #pagode.

guys, be careful because there is a spongeBob orkut if you pass me … I don’t have orkut!

I’m coming with the soda, guys!

Only violent tweeted!

Today there is huh, bold hair and rascal perfume!


I want someone who can take care of a needy black, who cries without anyone, without anyone …

tidying up the wardrobe on Valentine’s Day … only “yo” really!

I miss what we haven’t lived yet …

I created courage #Banho

upset, I’m tired of everything!

Hi, reason for my libido.

lying down, thinking about life …

let’s have lunch, neh …

Guess who is in a new look?!

Good morning … Buenos Dias … Good Morning!

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