40 messages from godfather to goddaughter written by the second father from the heart

Being godfather is a gift we earn from dear friends or relatives! Through this experience, we learned to take care and to love beings that were not born of us, but that we treat as if they were our children. That’s why, check out our selection of goddaughter’s godfather quotes and choose one to honor your princess. I’m sure she will love!

Godfather quotes for goddaughter who will make her feel special as it is for you

having you as my goddaughter is the best thing that could have happened to me, you are my most beautiful gift.

goddaughter, may God enlighten your life.

I never believed that godfather was the father of the heart, but today, with my goddaughter, I believe.

You are not just my goddaughter, you are part of my life and I love you!

My goddaughter is the most beautiful flower in the children’s garden! Godfather loves very much!

Being your godfather is wonderful. Know that I am your safe haven and I will always be here!

Godfather may or may not have blood connection, but will always be connected to your goddaughter by the heart.

I will always take care of you and protect you from all evil. I love you, goddaughter!

The world has become more beautiful since this little godfather won his goddaughter!

I never thought I could have so much complicity with someone so much younger than me. I love to be your godfather.

I am very blessed to have such a cool goddaughter. For you, I effort to be the best godfather in the world.

How beautiful it was to watch you grow and turn to this beautiful girl. I love you, goddaughter!

Seeing you for the first time, I knew right now that being your godfather would be the best thing I would do in life!

When you call me by, the whole world looks more beautiful! I found in your heart reasons to love. I love you!

Being godfather is a huge responsibility, but above that, it also brings a lot of joy to my days.

You are a sweet goddaughter who always turns my bad days into good with your smiles. Being your godfather is a privilege.

Do not forget to grow in grace, but without forgetting the godfather … I love you!

Count on me for everything, little, the godfather will always take care of you.

goddaughter, you changed my life and my way of seeing the world. Thanks to you, today I am a better man.

I bless the day you entered my life. In my eyes, a loving and loving goddaughter as you are worth more than all the riches of this universe.

To teach you about faith and God and to love you unconditionally, the godfather will always be here, dear.

Godfather’s Love is Father, Uncle and Friend Love, all together and mixed.

Dear goddaughter, that you don’t forget a day even how much you are loved!

No amount of words can describe how much you mean to me. I am very proud to be your godfather, my dear goddaughter.

Being godfather is a gift we receive from dear friends. We become a family. I love you, little goddaughter!

The bond between a godfather and a goddaughter is like the bond between a hero and a little princess, never forget that!

goddaughters have fun, rejoice, make us laugh, teach us and make us realize that when entering our lives turn us into parents and heart.

Being your godfather transformed me, how do you not love such a small baby?

Some people make the special world just because they are in it and you are one of them, goddaughter.

Asks the world that the godfather gives a way to give! I love you goddaughter!

If I knew how to be your godfather would be wonderful, I would have made your father have you before!

To be a godfather is to love and protect your godchildren as if they were your own children!

godparents are gifts from our guardian angels, chosen with love! I’m yours!

I will take care of you forever. With a godfather like me, a father who generated you in the heart, you will never be alone.

A mission that came from God and that I do with all my heart … Taking care of you is a privilege, dear goddaughter.

goddaughters: who has, does not live without… and who does not have, dreams a day to have. I have mine!

You are so important to me that I lack words to say, dear goddaughter!

Dear goddaughter, just the fact that you exist already makes me a much better man!

I love you like a daughter, and in me you will always have a friend. From a godfather to a goddaughter …

My goddaughter, for me, you are like a daughter. Everything you need, just call me!

How good it is to accompany a growing being and becoming a beautiful woman girl! To talk about the feeling she awakens in you like no one else, check out quotes of affection!

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