40 messages from a blessed couple that will strengthen your love

God is love and want to see the happiness of your children. For those who wait with patience and seek the sacred word, he prepares a special companion or companion. An alliance consecrated by the faith that lasts forever! Thus, we select the most beautiful blessings of blessed couple that reflect the affection of the Lord. Check it out and share it with the beloved person!

Blessed couple quotes that will change their relationship

Our love was written and blessed by God. Together we will walk the paths of the Holy Word.

Thus, they are no longer two, but one meat. Therefore, what God has united, no one separates.

The couple who serves God has a special light. Heavenly Father blesses and takes care of this love.

Love, in the presence of God, our marriage will always be blessed. I love you infinitely!

You are the companion God sent to walk beside me. May the Lord bless our love. May this union be forever!

I am so blessed to have you in my life. I thank God every day and I ask Him to take care of our love.

Joy is having a companion to serve God by your side. I’m so grateful to have this blessed love in my life!

We are not perfect, but we are blessed by God. May our love be always guided by the Word of the Heavenly Father.

When I saw you, I knew you were a gift from God in my life. Our love is blessed!

In your arms I found true love. We are a couple united and blessed by God. I love you!

God has united our lives at once. And each day is the first again. As a first look nothing will never change.

couple that prays together, remains together forever. May God bless this beautiful union!

Our love will be eternal and blessed, for the Lord takes care of those who seek his presence. I love you, my life!

Love, by your side, I make a covenant with God. May our union always be in the arms of the Father and may our home be blessed!

Sweet home, two hearts, nothing can break this loop of love. What God has formed, what God has united, man cannot separate.

God is the basis for a happy relationship. Love, by your side, I always want to seek the presence of the Father.

Thank you, Lord, for preparing such a special person to be by my side. May our love be forever blessed!

When God is present, love bears good fruits. May the Lord always guide and bless our relationship.

This couple is an example of true love! May God bless your relationship a lot.

We both: a poetry that God Himself wrote. I no longer see anyone else, it’s just you and me. You look so beautiful, I’m thrilled, I’m feeling God on this blessed altar.

In the presence of God, our love multiplies. May the blessings of heaven be always in our life.

God intertwined our way and blessed our union. We stop being two to be one love.

I am so grateful to God for putting you in my life. Our love is blessed. Forever, I’ll be by your side!

The couple who serves God in communion has a different glow. The Lord blesses and takes care of love.

Holy Spirit, guide my relationship, take care of my love and don’t let anything interfere with this blessed feeling.

Our love is a covenant signed and blessed by the Lord. Every day, I promise to love you and honor our relationship.

Love, every day I thank God for having you in my life and I ask him to bless our relationship. I promise to make you very happy!

serving God by your side is priceless. It’s perfect! May the Lord continue to bless our union.

May the Holy Spirit cover our relationship with divine love. May the blessings be abundant in our life.

Who meets a wife finds something excellent, received a blessing from the Lord.

that divine love always serves as an example for our relationship. I am very blessed to have you in my life.

When you get discouraged, I’ll be by your side. You are the companion God sent to share life with me. May our love be blessed!

When the couple cries out God, he hears and blesses the relationship. Remember that true love can only come from the Lord.

May the love of God be the light of our relationship. May the Lord guide and bless our union.

When the couple prayed together, the prayer becomes stronger and the enemy goes away. May our love be always blessed by God.

May love be our covenant and may God’s will prevail in our lives so that we have a blessed relationship.

Love, I will live to you and together we will live to love and worship the Lord. May God bless our union. I love you!

May our relationship be shielded by the love of God. What the Lord unites, no one can separate. You are a blessing in my life!

Every day when you lie down, also when you get up, I speak of both of us, I thank my God for existing, a dream of love.

You are all I need to be happy. Our love is the most perfect work of God. May the Lord continue to bless us.

When the couple has a relationship with God, love is blessed! Check out the Christian quotes we have selected and will invigorate your faith to continue living according to divine will.

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