40 messages about age to reflect on as the years go by

There is no way time passes and age comes to everyone. If this idea scares you, then the tip is to check out these age quotes that bring deep reflections on the subject, as well as light and funny messages to face the inevitable in a much more relaxed way.


Life never ages. Age is not the escape of the years but the dawn of wisdom.

Who is not beautiful at the age of twenty, strong at thirty, smart at forty and rich to fifty, cannot expect to be all this later.

You get old and find that there are no answers, just stories.

Age brings a wisdom that no book could contain.

Any idiot can be young. It takes a lot of talent to grow old.

aging is like climbing a large mountain: as long as it rises, the forces diminish, but the vision is freer, wider and more peaceful.

growing up is knowing that everything can be controlled and this is a great liberation we have achieved!

Everything we have learned throughout life accumulates: experiences, sadness, love. In the end, we are a pile of wisdom of what we live.

Perhaps, one of the greatest wisdom that age brings is that everything goes through and things do not have the importance we attribute to them when we were young.

that your wisdom accumulated over the years can be passed on to future generations.

Quotations on mature age

I would not exchange my years of life for the freshness of youth, because today I know who I am and I am very happy with it!

Men are like wines: the sour age the bad and the good ones.

When you get older, you get the right to be loyal to yourself.

We know that we reach a mature age when we look at our problems more kindly.

I am a mature woman who sometimes plays swing. I am an insecure child, who sometimes is in high heels.

I’m 78 years old, but without age. There are only two: either whether it is alive or dead. In the latter case it is too old, because we were promised to eternity.

Being young is very good and invigorating, but time teaches us that only the age brings us maturity and strength.

The first forty years of life give us the text: the following thirty, the comment.

Over time, we see who really wants to be by our side and who doesn’t want to. In fact, we realize the best company we can have is our own.

After a certain age we stop importing what others think. After all, we already know very well who we are.

Age reflection quotes

Some people are old old ones and some are new with 90. Time is a conception that people have created.

It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they get old, they grow old because they stop persecuting dreams.

Aging is fascinating. The older you get, the older you want to stay.

age? It depends. There are days when I’m 5 years old, others I’m 59, 21, 10 and so on. Age is a state of mind.

Our heart is the age of those who love.

After all, in the midst of life always is the following accounts: we have more or more tomorrows?

There is no age, we create. If you do not believe in age, do not age until death day.

Knowing aging is the masterpiece of wisdom and one of the most difficult chapters in the great art of living.

Don’t let age define you, after all, it is just a number. So it’s never too late for anything in this life, because in the end you only have the assurance of today.

The best age is to be alive.

Funny Quotations about Age

I’m not aging, I’m becoming a classic.

Age will come to everyone, but my friend, the maturity unfortunately not.

Today I stirred my arms, stirred my knees, turned my neck and everything made “crack”. Conclusion: I’m not old, I’m crispy.

After 30, we don’t complete older, we advance to the wisdom.

After a certain age we are the same as the Beetle: what counts is the state of conservation and not the year of manufacture.

I am coming to that age that the acquaintances should have the delicacy of using a badge.

I’m not old. I am a vintage recycled teenager.

I’m at that age that the teenager call me “lady” and the elders call me “girl”. Very confused!

I’m at that age when if someone threatens to leave, I draw a map so that you don’t get lost.

I arrived at that age I don’t need to be healed. If I get healed, I’m already in profit.

Be friend of time and accept that life is made of cycles, growth and matureness! To continue reflecting on the topic, check out these quotes on aging and learn to embrace the graces of each age.

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