40 Love Rhymes Messages Cozy Like a Blanket

Passionate heart gets silly and turns into a convinced romantic. We do everything to put a beautiful smile on the face of the loved one. They are the most sincere gestures and the simplest demonstrations of affection that make a difference in the relationship. So, check out the best quotes of love rhymes and surprise who makes you happy!

Quotes of love rhymes to show your poet side

My love for you is deep, bigger than the world.

Love is fire that burns without seeing. It is wounded that hurts, and does not feel. It is a disgruntled contentment. It is pain that disats without hurting.

Just as the fish is to the sea, I’m about to love you. Without you, life will drown me.

Love, without malice, kissing you is a delight.

I’m happy when I see you pass. This is the girl I chose to love.

You don’t get out of my thinking. Stay with me, be my touches.

Our love gives me wings and leaves my heart in embers.

Love, you are the most beautiful flower of my garden. I want you just for me!

love of my life, from here to eternity, our destinations were drawn in motherhood.

The sun kisses the moon and my mouth wants to kiss yours.

Love, I dreamed that I signed a paper and on your finger put a ring.

Without simplicity there is no happiness. Without you, love loses why.

guava matches cheese and your mouth matches my kiss.

I’m not a poet, I’m not a conqueror, I’m just a lover with a heart full of love.

Enough of lies, denying my wish, I want you more than anything, I need your kiss.

I love your smile and I love your gaze. You are a beauty and I will love you forever.

Be in sadness, or in happiness, I will love you for all eternity.

When I see your smile, my heart teleports to paradise.

I love you in January, I love you in February, I love you all year.

I will open the doors of your heart. You are the source of all my inspiration!

do love I am a student and found that love and you are redundant.

Everything may be wrong, but something I’m sure about you, I’m an eternal passionate.

Love, your look is like a flash that fills my soul with desire.

Honey, my place is where you want it to be. I don’t want what your head thinks, I want what the soul wants.

Everyone, knowing, is bald. Me and you, we complete each other.

I wrote in all the leaves of the notebook: You are my eternal love!

Our love is medicinal, when I’m with you, nothing can hurt me.

I don’t want to be just your friend, I want to be your love, stay with me.

Our love is divine, by your side, I want to write my destiny.

You are my sweet beloved, my joy, my fairy tale, my fantasy.

Love, today I take you a sworn, I will ask you in marriage.

You are my xuxuzinho, I want to be forever with you and fill you with affection.

Record in my heart so as not to forget: without you, I don’t know how to live.

I like pink and I like flower, but I like your love a lot more.

May our future be beautiful and let our love be infinated.

Love, come! We will be happy in infinity and beyond.

How hot your hug, how beautiful your smile, you are all I need.

What a sweet kiss she has, after I kissed her, I never loved anyone.

and I love you beyond, present in longing. I love you, finally, with great freedom.

You are my light, love that leads me. When I’m by your side, my heart is amazed.

Love makes everyone a little poet! Check out the quotes of love rap and continue rhyming with the heart.

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