40 happy family messages to thank you for the moments you spend together

Growing up in a happy family is having the guarantee of dates with many laughs, fun and the best memories. They are our family members who follow our growth, which cause us the greatest constraints asking from the girlfriends, but who remain by our side, no matter what the situation is.

Thus, we create a friendship relationship and realize that we will have faithful companions for a lifetime. This relationship is strengthened every year and the moments we spend with them are always of great joy.

For you to thank you for everything you have ever lived together, we made a list of the best happy family quotes. Show them that you recognize your luck in having a wonderful family!

Happy family quotes to show how you love to be with your family members

Nothing drops a happy family. Your shield is love!

A happy family is a refuge that prevails standing, even when the biggest storms pass through our lives.

There is no happier and more blessed family than the one who remains united and strengthened in difficulties.

Who has a happy family lives in a harmony without limitations.

May God be present every day and with His blessing make us a very happy family!

I lift your arms, eyes and voice to heaven thanking the happiness you live in my family.

A happy family has imperfect people who forgive and love each other.

Full Happiness = family together.

Thank you every day for having a happy family by my side that supports me and helps me with everything I need!

Not all the gold in the world can buy a happy family!

A happy family is one who does not judge and chooses to accept the differences.

A happy family is your shelter port, the refuge where you are and is at peace.

Love, Union and Friendship is all a family needs to be happy.

Blessed are those who have the blessing of a happy family and every day thank you for it.

The secret of happiness together is in the family, as a united family mirrors victory.

A happy family is the one who is always together, regardless of the distance.

Family happiness is only possible when there is contribution from each other.

Some people want mansions, jewelry and expensive clothes. What I want is health, well-being and happiness for my family!

Happiness is having a wonderful family!

Nothing can be more perfect than having a happy family.

When my family is gathered happiness is guaranteed.

My family is my greatest source of happiness!

Happiness in a family depends on the full harmony among all family members.

I am able to give my life to see my family happy.

Better than any gift is to have a happy family!

Next to our family is where we are happiest!

A happy family requires special care, take care of your family!

Happiness has a name: God, family and friends.

If you want to build a happy family, never let love, dedication and mutual respect miss.

If we live in a fantastic family, being happy is natural.

No happiness is complete without the true and eternal love of a family.

The family formed by faith in Christ, in his grace and in his knowledge is a blessed and happy family.

True ostentation is having a happy and united family.

There is no greater treasure than a happy family.

When I speak in happiness I do not refer to home or money, but to my family.

Family: set of joys and happiness.

Family is grace of God, safe shelter, stage of forgiveness, healing territory, where joy and love live.

A united family can be a true foundation in building your happiness.

The happiest moments of my life were those where I could spend with my family.

True happiness is in the house itself, among the joys of the family.

You can’t even explain the love and unity of a family. It is the most sincere relationship we have in our lives and with them we live unforgettable stories. Check out our selection with citations about family and declare your affection to your family!

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