40 Friday messages to celebrate the arrival of the best day of the week

Friday is one of the most beloved days of the week, isn’t it? Perhaps because you precede the weekend and by meaning you are close to the deserved rest! What really matters is that everyone seems happier and more humorous, this makes this day have to be celebrated! So, check out Friday quotes to share with your friends.

Funny Friday Quotes

In this category, we list the funniest Friday quotes for you to have fun celebrating the arrival of this special day. Have fun reading and sharing with your friends!

Friday, when someone tells you good morning and you answer: obvious.

Friday, I love you. Saturday, do not be jealous, I love you too.

Brigadier, happiness and Friday have 10 letters. This cannot be coincidence!

You play, today is Friday!

Today is Friday, day to get crazy than Batman!

If I cried or smiled, the important thing is that Friday is coming.

Friday: World Happiness Day without reason.

Today is Friday! Glue this to your wall and in 7 days will be Friday again. It really works!

Everything changes and even smiles are different when Friday comes!

Friday, think of me that I’m thinking of you.

Friday arrived and the accumulated sleep all week too…

I accept you, Friday, as my legitimate wife, to love and respect you until the second separates us.

Life is too short not to gather friends on Friday.

Waking up and remembering that today is Friday is the best sensation in the world!

If Friday liked me as much as I like her, we would have the most passionate romance of all time!

Blessed Friday Quotes

Wishing a blessed day to your friends and family is something that can further improve their day, so we select the best Blessed Friday quotes so you can further rejoice the day you love! /P>


Have a good day and a blessed Friday! May God grant you many moments of happiness.

Another week overdue and full of overcome challenges. Good Friday!

Fill on Friday with the best you have.

Whenever this day I feel my heart jumping and my mood rising. Good Friday!

Today I will offer smiles and hugs, after all is Friday and the best of the week is coming.

Good Friday to you who with a smile on your face so much wished the arrival of this special day!

Today, smile without limitations, because it is Friday and it will certainly be a good day!

Get ready for what’s coming, because this day promises strong emotions. Good Friday!

Today makes all problems disappear. Good Friday!

good things can happen every day, but on Fridays they have more chances.

Today is Friday, the day that worries and stress are replaced by hope and joy!


Looking for legal quotes to post on Facebook? Then you found the right place! In this category, Friday citations have been selected especially to be shared on their social networks and yield many likes!

Sextou, today nobody thinks me!

If there was justice in this world, from Monday to Friday it would take less time than Friday to Monday.

Friday is that day when we have patience for everything just because we know that the weekend is coming.

You have to love people as if they were Friday!

Have you noticed that everyone is happier on Friday working than Sunday night resting?

Friday arrived and with it came the joy to enjoy in style.

Rain or sunbathe, the important thing is that today is Friday!

It seems I expected an eternity for this, but now I can finally say: Happy Friday!

There is no denying, on Fridays Life gains more color, fun, taste and emotion!

If it is for the good of all and the general happiness of the nation, tell the people that today is Friday!

I believe in a better tomorrow because today is Friday!

If Friday were an outfit, it would be the one we want to wear every day!

I’m happy daily, but on Friday I usually overdo it!

Celebrating Friday’s arrival is wonderful, but there are also several other reasons to celebrate, so also check out our selection of winner quotes to celebrate all your achievements.

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