40 crazy life messages that will show your most authentic side

Living life following your own rules is an art, not worrying about what others think or say about it is a gift that few have. After all, only who is real Loka Loka knows this! And to help you express the advantages of an intense and boundless life, we have selected the best Loka quotes that will show your most authentic side. Check it out!

Best Citations Loka Loka

Being Loka Loka is not just an idea, but a lifestyle. Thinking of you, who believes in a boundless life and challenges the rules of daily life, we made the following quotes. Check it out!

Loka Loka is intense, so I live every moment as if it were the last!

Rule Number one to be Loka Life is to live life intensely, only for the purpose of being happy!

danger fascinates me and freedom dates me. Only God knows my time!

My life is really crazy, and I’m in it just passing through.

Sometimes it is better to be quiet and let you think you are crazy than to open your mouth and leave no doubt!

Nothing like a Loka night of life against the anguish of everyday life!

I didn’t choose Loka life … Loka Loka chose me!

Being Loka Loka is to enjoy life intensely, regardless of what you think of you!

wise ones are those who understand that Loka life is not a mess, but a philosophy of life!

In this life Loka we live and learn. I am what I am, not what they think!

Quotes Loka Loka Passionate

Who said Loka Loka can’t fall in love? After all, they know how to live a boundless life, and nothing like a relationship to make days more intense. With that in mind, we have selected good quotes that will express this feeling. Check it out!


I just want you, I don’t care what others will say!

Do not look for perfect people, look for those who value you! True people we can tell in the fingers who they are.

Tomorrow is always an uncertainty, so I want to live today with you.

In life everything is passing, except my desire to walk in this world by your side. When the feeling is true, it is forever!

In this life Loka I just want to laugh and be happy with a lot of enjoyment, always with the one who loves me.

Our love is crazy, but above all, it is true.

Demonstrate your feelings, even if you regret it later. Rather, regret for something you did than disappointment for not taking an attitude and viewed reality.

Some smoke, others drink. Some drugs and others fall in love. Each one risks in his own way.

We never know how long we will have with someone. So enjoy who you love while you can still!

Quotes Loka Loka de Rap

Rappers have emerged from a movement that breaks with some standards since its origin, so they know very well to talk about what it is to be Loka life. With that in mind, we have selected quotes from great rappers show all the boldness of this lifestyle. Check it out!

Second Chance is only in the video game, so it’s good to be light, see!

Don’t call me lucky, as if I had come here for coincidence.

Nothing lasts forever, but at least we have these memories.

In my game I am the main winner.

When the walk gets hard, only the hard keep walking.

Life is a wheel of fortune, and it is my turn to rotate it.

Let me be me and see, who runs does not crawl.

regardless of how, life continues.

And there is always someone to talk badly. Impressive is that those who speak rarely have morals.

Life teaches, and you will want to win.


CITITES FOR STATUS SAY A LOT OF WHO WE ARE, so how about showing that you are Loka Loka also through these messages? For this, we have selected some quotes that will fit perfectly into your status. See them below!

Terror for me is a movie, you are comedy!

Sometimes madness is all we need to see life in a happier way.

Be smart, because everything that goes, back!

If life is Loka, I’m even more!

I live every moment intensely, for every second of this life is unique.

Life does not end when we stop living, but when we stop seeking something in it!

Today I run, tomorrow I win!

With me the thing is frantic, a thousand degree, life loka.

If you want things to be different, start for yourself!

Before alone than poorly accompanied.

Indeed, Loka life is intense, but it is also a way of demonstrating that you don’t have to do what others want to be really authentic. How about taking a look at our Bro Brown quotes?

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