37 kiss messages to express all your love

Sometimes words are not enough to express all the feeling that is in the heart, and that’s where the kiss comes. He is the greatest demonstration of affection and love that can be given!

Thinking about it, we have gathered the best kiss quotes for you to share with your loved one and also funny quotes to entertain your crush. Check it out!

Kiss of love quotes for when there is feeling

A real kiss is not the sum of two lips, but the meeting of one soul.

The most beautiful image that exists is that of your face after we kissed.

There is no silence more tasty than the one who precedes the kiss.

The kiss is the touch of two mouths that shut up to hear the voice of the heart.

Love is a verb that only two passionate lips know how to combine.

A kiss your valley for a thousand statements of love.

Kiss is perfect link between passionate bodies.

When my lips touch yours, I will feel for the first time what love is.

Hot kiss quotes for those who know it is a delight to kiss

Kiss is the same cappuccino: the warmer the hotter!

When I close my eyes and kiss you, I go to paradise.

Is there anything better than a kiss in the corner of your mouth?

Just a neat kiss translates the poetry of very rhymed verses.

There is nothing better than kissing. And if something better than I kiss you, that this thing kisses me.

The kiss given between fear and emotion has in the taste of sin the certainty of passion.

Before the mouth, you need to kiss with your eyes.

Kiss Quite Passionate to declare your passion

The timbre of your voice attracts my hearing, the touch of our lips discovered a passion!

Please don’t stop kissing me because when I play your lips I taste the love!

A tight hug, a long kiss and a “forever” by your side.

Being far and not being able to kiss you is a martyrdom.

On the nights when I kiss you I have beautiful dreams!

While I live I want to give you long kisses on you!

Exchanging looks is also a way to kiss!

wanted to send you a kiss, but one is very little so I send you a lot, all full of love!

Funny kiss quotes to make crush smile

A good kiss does not relieve the desire – sharpen!

cat, do you like brigadeiro, or prefer kisses?

Kissing You are like biting a cloud!

What a desire to kiss you. I hope you have already learned to read thoughts.

Lend me a kiss that tomorrow I return you

calls me ant and let me try your sweet kiss.

Don’t let tomorrow the kisses you can give today.

Close your eyes and let your lips solve the rest.

Kissing quotes stolen to those who are not afraid of being convicted of this crime

That only the kisses shut up our mouth.

I steal your first kiss, I ask for the second and charge you the third.

Who says the crime does not pay, never gave a stolen kiss.

Stolen Kiss is a perfect crime.

4 things that would fall well now: a sweet “I love you”, a stolen kiss, a tight hug and you by my side!

Your unexpected kisses are my best medicine.

In addition to kisses, there are love quotes to reaffirm what you feel. How about checking out our selection of affection quotes that were chosen to finger to send to your love?

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