35 romantic status quotes that will declare your love | messages, wishes and quotes

Are you looking for romantic quotes and WhatsApp status? We selected the best options for love quotes for those who are in love or want to send someone a hint. Put into words everything your heart is feeling and show all your contacts that romance is in the air!

Romantic quotes for status that are passionate

I love you more than today and less than tomorrow.

The perfect couple is not the one who never has problems, but rather the one who, despite obstacles, always stays together.

Do you know when you want a moment to last forever? So it’s like this when I’m with you.

It’s my life. But the heart is yours. The smile is mine. But the reason is you.

Anyone can make you smile. But not everyone can make you happy.

I promise to tell you I love you every night and prove it to you every day.

The plan is very simple: stay with you my whole life.

When two people really like each other, they will always find a way to make it work. No matter how difficult it is.

If it makes you smile, it’s because it’s good for you. If it’s good for you, don’t let it slip away.

If the sun doesn’t come back tomorrow, I’ll use your smile to brighten my day.

I love being with you, I love being with you, your smell makes me travel, your voice makes me sigh.

One day someone will hug you so tight that all your broken pieces will come back together.

I wait for your smile like the night waits for the stars.

To us, all the love in the world.

True love does not have a happy ending. True love has no ending.

For two, the storm is beautiful!

No matter where I go, or how much time passes, you will always be in my heart.

With you by my side, I don’t care if the world turns its back on me.

I like shiny things, but with you I would marry paper rings.

There is no love at first sight. What exists is the right person, at the right time. You happened to be there.

There are many paths we can take, but the one worth walking is the one that leads us to love.

You’re something like that, you’re everything to me, you’re just like I dreamed of, baby!

Distance separates us, but I carry you in my heart wherever I go.

Perfection is our love.

Listen to what I have to tell you, my dear. There is no love as beautiful as you.

It wasn’t love at first sight. Our love was already written in the stars.

Can we be close like this forever and ever?

My laughter is so happy with you and my best friend is my love.

If I didn’t love you so much, maybe I wouldn’t see flowers where I saw them, inside my heart.

If loving like this is tacky, call me Marília Mendonça or Falcão.

It would be strange if I didn’t fall in love with you!

You are where I want to go. The part of me that is you will never die.

Our love is made of iron, it will resist. Distance has never been able to face love.

When we are completely alone, I will feel at home.

And when I kissed you, it was better than I imagined.

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