30 night prayer messages to sleep with God’s grace

Nothing better than lying on the pillow and preparing for another night of quiet and peaceful sleep, right? But first, you need to thank you for the day and ask for blessings for the next day. For this, the tip is to check out these night prayer quotes and share with your contacts to inspire gratitude to God for everything!

Prayer quotes from the night for a blessed and happy sleep

Thank you, sir, for another day, for one more dusk, for all I have and your usual protection. Amen!

Father, I give you all my being. I restore me. Strengthen me. Grant me wisdom, discernment, protection, light and understanding. Grant me a night of peace in your sweet presence. Amen!

We won another day! May the Lord, in his greatness, listen to our prayers and give us a great answers tomorrow. Amen!

God, I ask nothing but strength to continue walking and strength to face the difficulties. Amen!

Dear God, the day ended. Some things worked out and some no, but I know everything went according to what the Lord planned. Prepare tomorrow! May I be happy and that health does not lack.

My God, thank you for another blessed day in your presence. Thank you for looking at my family and never abandoning us!

Dear God, I want to pray and thank the day that ended. My love I offer you. I thank you for all that you gave me. Keep to me, my family and my friends. Amen!

Angel of my guard, sweet company. Do not forsake me at night or day.

Father, may my night be quiet, may my family members be under their protection. May your hands be upon us, and when dawn there are no more tears and pain. Amen!

God, I give my concerns into your hands and I will lie confident that, upon waking, I will find more strength to face my problems. Amen!

Lord, thank you for another day of achievements and victories. None of this would be possible without your blessing! May tomorrow be an even more awarded day. Amen!

Another day that ends and one more day that I am full of the presence of God. May it always be like this. Guide, Lord, my sleep and my dreams. Amen!

Dear God, may my night and all my family be blessed. That each may rest in their presence. Amen!

Father, all I have is thanks to you. May tomorrow be a day full of victories. Grant me a quiet sleep that night. Amen!

My Lord, may this night each person in the world be awarded your peace and grace. Look at those who do not have a home, especially those who lack your love. Amen!

My guardian angel, thanks for following me another day. Protect my sleep and keep my dreams that night. I want to honor the work the Lord does in me tomorrow. Amen!

Mary, Mother of God. Take care of me that night, that I can rest on the protection of your sacred cloak. And may tomorrow be a day of blessings and victories to take your child’s name wherever I go!

My little mother, thanks for accompanying me for another day with so much love and affection. May this night be I can rest with your grace. Models in me the traces of Christ, educate myself in faith, and I will be happy witnessing God’s presence in me. Amen!

Another day that comes to an end and with it, the certainty that the Holy Spirit is always with us. May his renewing light be present in our dreams. Amen!

My Holy Angel, may this night be full of peace. May my dreams be quiet and that tomorrow be guided by your protection. Amen!

gratitude for another day that ends. Every moment I lived was important, both good and bad. May this night be quiet and with dreams that guide me the right way!

How good it is to come to the end of another day with a full heart and full of gratitude. I ask the universe that tomorrow is so too. Amen!

Senhor, despite the afflictions and battles of that day, I am alive and with even more strengthened faith in you. That I can have a deserved rest tonight to make tomorrow a day of victory honoring your name. Amen!

God, take care of all my family and friends. May this night be blessed and that each one can find peace in you. Amen!

Lord, guide my sleep and illuminates my dreams. Show what I need to see and give me strength for tomorrow. Amen!

Sweet is the presence of you, my God, and even on darker nights, I know you will be by my side. Amen!

With the grace of God, I lie down and, with your blessing, I will get up in the morning, for He is my way and my guide. Amen!

In every detail of my day, I see your presence. And now, ready for another night’s sleep, I come to ask you all the graces and illuminations, my father.

Take care of all those I love. May they sleep with their presence and wake up willing for one more battle. Amen!

Another happy night comes and, with her, the certainty that God was by my side all day. Thank you sir. May tomorrow be like this. Amen!

The silence of the night is the perfect time to connect with the presence of God. Enjoy and read these good night quotes with psalm to WhatsApp!

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