30 mourning messages for your cousin that will help you dry your tears

Mourning is part of life. Giving goodbye to a loved one is something everyone will pass, one time or another. To face difficult times like this, the tip is to check out these quotes of mourning for cousin full of welcome. Enjoy and share with those who are also going through this difficult process!

Culture quotes for perfect cousin to go through this difficult time

Those we love never die, just depart before us. ETERNAL HEALTH, PRIMA.

I know that today is gray and ugly, but I try to think that the sky is partying and much more beautiful to receive another star. Go in peace, cousin.

The pain of a mourning has no deadline to end. The pain of the loss of those who love yourself is eternal, but also the good you have caused me. Miss, cousin.

My dear cousin, how much longing! Wherever you are, receive my affection.

There in the sky there is someone I love and do so much, but so much. I love you forever, cousin!

The caresses they exchanged, the smiles they shared, to the hands they gave, and the love they nourished is the strength of strength in a moment of mourning. Never forget this in memory and honor to your cousin that is gone.

cousin, my story gets confused with yours and it hurts to think that I will no longer be able to see your smile that showed me the sky. Today that’s where you are. Prepare my way. I hope to be able to review you with God!

The longing for those who are gone forever is one of the most difficult events in life. Only time can soften the pain, but it will never end. I love you, cousin!

I have someone in heaven I love so much and has left a void that can never be busy. ETERNAL HEALTH, PRIMA.

There are days missing drawers to save so much miss. Go in peace, cousin.

His passage on earth was full of light, cousin. Now you are a star in the sky that will guide me while I’m around.

Death is not a definitive goodbye, but one until soon. Wherever you are, cousin, one day we will meet again.

Now you are with the Lord, cousin. Know that as long as I live, I will love you!

cousin, you are gone and missed you, but a lot of good things. May your passage be quiet and full of light.

cousin, your passage from this life to the other is proof that everything is very passenger and we should cling to every moment as if it were the last, because perhaps it is.

I never thought I would feel such a great pain. Eternal longing, cousin. I will honor your memory in what taught me!

You were one of the best people I’ve ever met, cousin, and now that you are gone I don’t have my best friend and counselor anymore. Pray for me so that I know how to deal with your loss without forgetting all the hope you taught me!

I know you are in a better place, cousin, but the pain you left is unbearable. ETERNAL HEALTHS.

You taught me how to love you, to see life in a more beautiful way, but never prepared me for your departure. Go in peace, cousin. God is with open arms waiting for you.

You will always be part of me, cousin. Even no longer in this land, I feel your presence in every detail of my day. ETERNAL HEALTHS.

I know how much it hurts. Losing a dear cousin is a wound that never completely heals. The scar will always be there.

I know how important your cousin was for you. My condolences! May God comfort the heart of your whole family at this difficult time.

My condolences, my dear. Your cousin is in a better place now, in the presence and love of God.

your cousin is gone, but what she left will be eternal, for those we love never leave us.

Whenever you miss your cousin, look at the sky, because that’s where she is now, looking at you and all those who loved her.

You were the best cousin anyone could have. I know how much you were suffering, so go in peace, my love. One day we will meet again.

Your departure brought me sadness, but I can’t forget that your life was love and marked many people. ETERNAL HEALTH, PRIMA.

cousin, now you are another star in the sky. Here you will always be remembered by those you touched your heart.

This pain is proof that your life was worth it, cousin. One day, this mourning will only be missed and good memories.

The pain of grief that I live today is proof that I loved you so much, cousin. Go in peace and may God welcome you in heaven!

The pain of loss one hour gives room for longing and good memories! To help those who are going through a complicated moment like this, the suggestion is to send these consolation quotes to mourning.

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