30 messages in Latin for those who like the elegance of this language

Latin is a language that originated most of the European and Asian languages ​​we know today and, therefore, carries in its history a great cultural background. Currently Latin quotes have gained the taste of people and are increasingly seen in tattoos, social networking status, t -shirts and other products. Check out some of them below!

Latin quotes to share on social networks

Veni, Vidi, Vici. (VI, VI, Vencia.)

Carpe Diem. (Enjoy the day.)

ex o PARVOLORUM VERITAS. (Children don’t lie.)

carpe vita. (Enjoy life.)

alis volat propriis. (Fly with your own wings.)

Exception Regular Probat. (The exception confirms the rule.)

vivere. (Remember to live.)

Love Vincit Omnia. (Love conquers everything.)

in Vino Veritas. (The truth is in wine.)

dum spro. (While I breathe there is hope.)

Morienti Cuncta Supersunt. (LIVE ALL MISS AND TO THE DEAD ALL OVER.)

Luceat Lux Vestra. (Let your light shine.)

hoc non pereo habebo fortior me. (Which doesn’t kill me, it makes me stronger.)

non Videmus manicae quod in tergo est. (We cannot see the load we carry on the back.)

VOLANT VOBA, Scripta Manent. (Words fly, what is written remains.)

cibi conditionum est fames. (Hunger is the best seasoning.)

Accipe Quod Tuum, alterique from Suum. (Accepts what is yours and gives alien to its owner.)

Si Hortum in Bibliotheca Habes Deerit Nihil. (If you have a garden and a library, nothing will miss you.)

Seges Fertilior is Alienis Semper in Agris. (The neighbor’s grass is always greener.)

Semper Flamma smoke est next. (Smoke is always close to the fire.)

DONEC ERIS SOSPES FINES AMIC NUMBERS. (While you are well, you will have many friends.)

servant me. (If you save me, I’ll save you.)

veritas lux me. (The truth is my light.)

ALEA JACTA EST. (Luck is released.)

COGITE, ERGO SUM. (I think, soon exist.)

wanted to be worth it, peria qui noscit yellow. (Live those who love, die who can’t love.)

adstra per rough. (Through the difficulties, one reaches the stars.)

si Vis pacem, to Bellum. (If you want peace, get ready for war.)

Nemo Impunes Lacesit. (Nobody hurts me impunity.)

amicitiae nostrae memoriam spero sempternam fore. (I hope the memory of our friendship will be eternal.)

Learning other languages ​​is always wonderful, isn’t it? So, enjoy and check out our selection of English quotes and learn to demonstrate your feelings in another language!

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