30 messages from Xangô that cry out for your protection and loyalty

Shango is the orisha of justice, the rays, thunder and fire. He takes care of his children, gives them what they deserve and guides their steps. It is strong, brave, fearless and loyal. To honor you and attract your justice to your life, check out the best quotes from Shango!

Xangô Quotes that fill you with your justice

My body is closed because Shango is my protector. He doesn’t let any harm to me.

My father teaches me to think, to choose justice, not to fight if not important. My father is Shango!

The flames of Shango’s truth and justice take over my life, wear my body and protect my spirit.

In Shango, everyone pays what they did and receives what they deserved.

It doesn’t matter when or how, I will never leave Shango because he never abandoned me.

Shango, bring justice, strength and wisdom. Shango, be the guide of my life!

I am from Shango and, in my chest, there is a thirst for justice, much love and desire for life.

My father Shango, fill me with his strength and take me to justice. The days are not easy, but you are stronger.

Shango brings justice to everyone because it is justice.

Shango protect you in everything you do! Axé!

Saravá, Shango! May your justice guide my steps and that I never do harm to others.

Father Shango will guide me and make the way of justice in front of me.

Shango is not blind and makes justice see again to take care of a child of yours.

Today is Shango Day, the day to thank you for your care and justice. Saravá, Shango!

Just like my father Shango, I think before acting to always choose the path of justice.

I am a son of Shango and I will fight him by my side. He made me a warrior and I will never stop!

May the Shango Machado fill me with wisdom to choose balance and justice.

Shango, protect my family, my friends and my life. May your justice be present in our day. Saravá!

Shango is my guide and never leaves me. It protects me and fills me with joy.

I am the son of Shango and he uses his ax to protect me from the injustices of this world!

My body is coated with the flames of Shango that drives the enemies out of my way.

Shango never leaves your child on the floor, for he gets them up to overcome the battle just.

Shango is with me and my heart is filled with joy. My father knows that my faith makes me happy.

The Justice of Xango is quick as the winds of Oyá and always arrives for his children at the right time.

Shango gave me strength to battle, wisdom to always win with loyalty and justice.

the bad eye has no time because the sacred fire of my father shango burns everything!

justice father, don’t let evil reach me, give me what is mine and guide my steps!

Shango is fair and will return you everything that is yours, but it has been taken from you.

Kaô Shango! Owns our destinations and don’t let evil be part of our ways.

Do not move the subject because he is from Shango, is protected and guided by the warrior.

With Shango by your side, no one can knock you down. To continue declaring your axé, check out Umbanda quotes and strengthen your faith.

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