30 messages from Stoicism for those who are passionate about Greek philosophy

A philosophy over 2000 years ago is coming back with everything and also could! Stoicism is based on the human being and nature relationship. In such agitated times, nothing better than connecting with the serenity and calm it brings. How about learning a little more about this philosophy? Read these quotes from stoicism and share!


The soul is dyed with the color of your thoughts.

Often not only who does, but also who stops doing something.

Practice each of your acts as if it were the last of your life.

Do not waste time discussing what a good man should be. Be.

The purpose of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape to meet in the ranks of the madmen.

I consider you unfortunate because you have never lived a misfortune. You went through life without an opponent – no one can know what you are capable of, not even you.

You are afraid to die, but what is your life today but death?

hurry to live well and thinks that each day is, by itself, a life.

We don’t dare for many things because they are difficult, but they are difficult because we don’t dare to do them

Hidden hatred are worse than the discovered.

Wealth does not consist of having great possessions, but in having few needs.

If the problem has a solution we should not worry about it. And if it has no solution, it is no use worrying.

Do not seek happiness out, but within you, otherwise you will never find it.

Man does not care as much about real problems and imagined anxieties about real problems.

There is only one way to happiness (may this be present in your spirit from the dawn, day and night): it is renouncing things that do not depend on our will.

Tomorrow exists only in thought. Yesterday exists only in memory. The present is the chance built by consciousness.

No loss should be for us more sensitive than that of time, because it is irreparable.

Remember that nature has given us two ears and a mouth to teach us that it is worth listening than talking.

The meaning of life is in accordance with nature.

The end can be defined as life according to nature or, in other words, according to our own human nature and also that of the universe.

No man is by nature slave.

The wise man is not moved by anyone and condemns anyone for a mistake.

fools need nothing, because they don’t know how to use anything, but they are missing everything.

There could be no justice unless there was no injustice; Without courage, unless there was cowardice; No truth unless there was falsehood.

I think my wise man myself or nothing intrudes into business and does his own things.

If I followed the crowd, I would not have studied philosophy.

The things you think determine the quality of your mind.

Having a balanced mind is the greatest virtue.

The lives of men who spend their time in the midst of business and who want to be useful to themselves and others is exposed to constant and almost daily problems and sudden dangers. To protect yourself and avoid this, you need to have a mind that is always ready and alert, like athletes.

man conquers the world conquering himself.

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