30 messages from Peter Pan to remember this incredible adventure

Peter Pan is currently one of the greatest classics of literature of all time. The adventures in the land of never lived by him, Wendy and his friends have been countless times told and retold in the most different adaptations. To revisit this memory and remember good times in this story, check out our selection of quotes from Peter Pan and share on social networks!

Peter Pan Quotes For those who believe in their dreams

Dreams are like stars: you can’t touch them, but if you follow, they will guide your destination.

You can’t fight fate.

For Peter, make prey and reality were exactly the same thing.

Things were much easier when I was younger. And then the mess begins, the feelings come.

So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned.

Hate is a very strong word, don’t you think? Love is also, and people speak as if it means nothing.

Only who is happy, innocent and unalmated can fly.

Crocodile, like everyone who saw slaves of a fixed idea, was just a donkey.

It is humiliating to have to confess that this arrogance of Peter was one of his most fascinating qualities.

At the moment you doubt your flying ability, you cease your chance to do it forever.

“Never” is too long a time.

Fairies have to be or one thing, or another, because as they are so small, unfortunately there is only room for one feeling at a time.

Your ignorance gave them another hour of happiness.

It is so kind the way you talk about girls.

After you are unfair to her, she will again love him, but will never be the same child again.

I think it is clearer when you grow up.

I am the youth, I am the joy. I’m a bird that stuck the egg peel.

Stars are beautiful, but they cannot be active in whatever, they should just look. It is a punishment for anything they did a long time ago, and that none of them remembers.

Don’t grow, it’s a trap!

She told her stories, he taught her to fly … They loved each other, but he didn’t want to grow up.

You know, Wendy, when the first baby first laughed, his laughter broke in thousands of pieces and they all jumped, and that was the beginning of the fairies.

Any girl is worth more than ten boys.

on the second right and then always on the dawn.

It’s time for you to grow.

Never say goodbye, because saying goodbye means to leave and leave it means to forget.

girls always go first.

Just think of cheerful things, and your heart will fly on the wings, forever, in the land of never!

Happy thoughts make us fly.

Do you know that place between sleeping and waking up, where you can still remember to dream? This is where I will always love you. This is where I will be waiting.

All children grow, except one.

With Peter Pan we venture into the land of never, but this is just one of the numerous places to travel with reading. Open your horizons and check out our selection of books to dive into this literary universe!

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