30 Law messages for those who study or dream of studying justice

Since it has come up, many centuries ago, law attracts many people for the importance and social prestige it brings with them. After all, it is the lawyers, judges and many other professionals in this area who fight in favor of justice. You are a great admirer of this area, this selection that we have prepared with the best right quotes is for you. Check it out and share!

Citations of Law

Justice is the right of the weaker.

The judge is not appointed to make favors with justice, but to judge according to the laws.

The law must be brief so that the indouts can easily understand it.

Justice is the bond of human societies; The laws emanating from justice are the soul of a people.

Your duty is to fight for law, but if you ever find the right in conflict with justice, fight for justice.

by justice, even against the law!

Between Law and Justice, I prefer to do justice.

The elected government can never be fired when justice, law and maintains the laws of equality to the people.

The study of law is the first step towards the application of justice.

Law exists for justice to be done in the right way.

Criminal Law, in college, is Sheakspeare; In real life, it’s Nelson Rodrigues.

setting up crime from its elements, it is like setting up a small puzzle, just join the pieces, if a piece is missing, there is no crime.

May our cause always be justice!

Practicing the right is joy to the righteous; But it’s astonishment for the evildoers.

Never listen only to what they say. The balance of law has two sides, realize?

The force of law must overcome the right of force.

Law is not what someone has to give you. Law is just what no one can take you.

To love law is to share the desire to promote justice and build a better world.

Stay calm and listen to your lawyer!

Studying Law is to enter the forced college, go freaked out and get ready to be a lawyer!

The good lawyer knows the law. The best, knows the judge.

It is not enough for everyone to be equal before the law. The law must be equal to everyone.

Justice must remain when conflict between law and justice occurs.

on the dignity of the judge depends on the dignity of law. The day the judges are afraid, no citizen can sleep quietly.

Studying Law is the first step in becoming a good lawyer and, with much love and dedication, change the world.

The Faculty of Law is only the beginning of the journey for those who want to be an agent of justice.

A jury is a group of people chosen to decide who has the best lawyer.

Law is based on the principle of equality.

Law must only serve justice and ensure that it contemplates all.

The life of law is the dialogue of history.

Acting in the area of ​​law has no easy! To be an active professional of justice, it takes a lot of study and dedication from college. Do you dream of becoming a lawyer? So this list with study quotes will help you keep your focus and start your career, check it out and good luck!

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