30 kiss-ass messages that will knock the sycophants’ masks off

Huggout is worse than dizzy cheap without knowing which direction to go. Interesting, opportunistic and charlatan. If today he licks the floor you step, tomorrow he gives you a creep. So be smart! Check out the dull quotes that will help you recognize the drools who want to suck from your success. Enjoy and share a good ironic pin.


The opinion of a dull is less than a real note. Never trust a flattering!

If the joke is bland, nor disguise, he is the first, pulls the choir to laugh, he is the darling of the boss, is protected, drooling.

In front of you, the pull put a smile on your face and laughs at you. However, just turn your back that he laughs at you and plans a way to knock you down.

Horse Hall is like a zombie: he is always deader than alive, he never has his own opinion and, at first opportunity, sucks his energies.

We work so much and can’t get what we want. Who is pulling the bag is eating spoon.

For some people, it is not enough to be a pull, it needs to be hard too. Are sneaky snakes ready to give you the boat.

Always be suspicious of a dull, because it is worse than tick, until it sucks all your energies, it sticks and no longer releases.

Horsebox has no friends, it relates for convenience. It has no character, lives on masks. You don’t know how to run after your own dreams, beggars crumbs.

The Tach Bag is a trickster animal, is always in the glue of those who have money, famous singer and player, governor and even farmer.

When I was in PindaĆ­ba, there was no one by my side. When things have improved, the pulls came up as a carrion. Far from me, drool eggs!

Be careful! Where there is success, there are saucers wanting to benefit from your work! The farther from these people, the better for you.

Horse Handle is the same parrot: it speaks nonstop, but it never has an opinion of its own, only reproduces litany.

It is better to have ten enemies than a dull. Fake people, the world is crowded!

When you are in a good phase, dull is the same as a littlewater: it springs from nothing and pragers your life.

If you do not know how to accept constructive criticism, you need to learn to love pulls, because they are the only ones who will inflate your ego with lies.

Who likes to pull is bag, I prefer honest people!

Be careful! Your money can buy halls, but you will never buy true friendships. Prefer to cultivate good friends!

Those who need drums reveal their inability to have self-confidence. But it is worth learning from honest criticism than sinking into lies.

Be smart! Inside all of the pull there is a traitor waiting for the most opportune moment to knock you down.

Here comes the cord of halls giving live to their Mayrals, who is in front is passed back. And the pulling cord increases more and more.

When the person is very pull-sack can be sure that he is also incompetent. Flatty does not guarantee quality and efficiency!

The words of a dull are like cheap jewelry: they look beautiful, but they have short shelf life.

Backbreaker is like a vulture, the difference is that this eats dead meat and that, without you realizing it, is ready to give the boat and eat you alive.

If flattering were sin, the world would be packed with sinners. The pulls are everywhere. Lord, deliver me from drooling, amen!

As long as you keep listening to the bags, you will remain stagnant in life. Be with those who drive you to grow!

In my life, there is no place for flatterers, this space is reserved especially for my dog, the only sincere dull I know.

Each word that comes out of the mouth of a dull is the eve of a sputum. When you least expect it, he spits on your plate and spoils your life.

I would very much like to exist a mooring of the type: astonishment the pulls in three days or their money back.

If you do not recognize the pulling-outbreaks around you, then be careful, the dull can be you.

I’ll get a job-sauce place, which dull is doing very well. I’m wanting to get up, I don’t want to work, nor do it force anyone.

God who will tell us from the pulls, because no one deserves it! Check out the quotes of rancidity that are very powerful indirect to scare up boring, flatterers and drools.

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