30 funny 40th birthday messages to laugh at the arrival of this new cycle

Celebrating 40 years means the arrival of a new cycle! In the face of him, a lot of wisdom and maturity are already carried, but it can still be a complex moment. After all, everyone thinks that they will be forever young and the first marks of expression reveal the truth: we are not eternal! To remain light in a state of mind, celebrate the date the right way. Check it out and share quotes of 40 funny years!

40 years funny quotes to wish a happy new phase to someone special or yourself

Celebrating the 40 years and trying to convince my column that I don’t have 62. Congratulations to me!

According to a study, the more you do birthdays, the more years you live. Congratulations for having lived 40 of them!

My friend, everything is relative, but are the days going faster, we have been getting old or young for longer? Happy 40th birthday!

40 years will change everything, friend. Now besides poor, we’ve been getting young for longer … It’s about it! Happy Birthday!

Now, 40, we stop trying to wake up from life and leave for the afternoon nap, isn’t it, bro? Happy Birthday, hahaha!

40 years arriving and all hair is gone? This is rushed, ahead of your time and economic, because at least you will no longer spend on shampoo, hahaha! Happy Birthday!

40 years is definitely the end of youth, you can no longer escape, but you can enjoy … planning retirement. Happy Birthday!

The arrival of a man’s 40th anniversary is like the arrival of a dog’s 10th, he is only seen in white! Happy Birthday!

They say that every year that passes is a blessing of God, so I can’t even be angry with Him because I’m 40 years old. 40 reasons to celebrate and complain of pain! Happy Birthday to me!

Congratulations for your 40 years! Remember whenever age only matters in the document and yours may even be disintegrating!

No matter the age, but the heart … Although the way you eat yours should very well know your age, hahaha! Happy 40 years!

Today I am trying everything to distract myself from the sad reality, but everyone reminds me … since this is so, patience! Happy 40 years to me, let retirement and preferential line come!

After 40, success comes, because falling is no longer an option as rising gives back pain. Happy Birthday!

There will be so many candles that your cake will have to be metro. Happy 40th birthday!

Completing 40 years requires a lot of maturity, but you were certainly a failure in the system! Happy Birthday, Bobão we love!

Dad, no use lying age anymore, because the bald no longer deceives! Happy Birthday, my old man!

cool people do not age, they become a classic. Congratulations for your 40 years!

armadillo tail, chicken sentence, who is getting older, giggles. Happy 40 years!

If you begin to feel more pain, don’t be alarmed, it’s the 40 -year -old gift, the weight of wisdom and youth for a longer time. Happy Birthday!

What a honor to see you turning 40 when you still lie 35, hahaha! Happy Birthday, Brother!

Friend, congratulations on your 40 years! Stay cheerful, charismatic, friendly, beautiful, intelligent … Wow, I always knew we had something in common!

Happy 40th birthday for the most silly person I know! That there are always reasons to laugh at your surroundings and that this time is not from you!

welcome and smile at the new white hair! Happy 40th birthday!

With the honorable 40 years I turn today, I see you so many things … The main one is the arrival of age! Congratulations!

You are not doing 40, you are doing 20 in a duplicate way. Happy Birthday!

They say that to get along in life you need beauty, intelligence, money and good friends. At least you have good friends. Congratulations for the 40 years!

Adult Birthday Party is to go to the bar with friends. Happy 40th birthday, I find you at 6 pm at the same bar as always to return early. Age comes to everyone!

Congratulations, friend! Now you are entering the best age: the age of condor … with knee pain, spine, shoulder… Happy 40!

I’m nervous about you making 40 years, that means it’s coming my turn … Congratulations anyway, but let’s combine lying the age!

It’s 40 years of just experiences, it makes you the most experienced person in the world. Happy Birthday!

Age comes to everyone and you need to learn to treat the passage of the years as a gift. After all, this is the truth! To better reflect on the subject, check out age quotes and face the journey more lightly!

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