30 Easter messages for children that will make the kids happy

When Jesus died, the story was just beginning. On an Easter Sunday, the Son of God rose to save us from sin. Every year we celebrate with chocolate, love and hope to remember that divine love is a sweetness. So, see the most loving Easter quotes for children who will help you explain the true meaning of this celebration.

Easter quotes for children with bunny footprints

Bunny came here to wish you a delicious Easter with a lot of chocolate and love in the heart!

Easter arrived cheerful like this love song. The flowers have already adorned the way of our Lord. Congratulations on your life, Jesus. You have already risen!

Close your eyes very strong and with all your heart, you want the Easter Bunny to pass here. For those who believe, magic happens!

In this Easter, besides much chocolate, that Jesus happy your heart and bless your life.

May your Easter be as sweet as your smile. May the bunny bring many eggs to brighten your day! After all, Jesus rose and death was overcome.

Easter Bunny, fill this child’s heart with much love, faith and hope in eternal life … But don’t forget that she loves chocolate!

Easter Bunny, be very generous and spread happiness in this child’s life. Many delicious chocolates for you!

Happy Easter, my cutest bunny! Many chocolates for you, but don’t forget that the true meaning of the celebration is to share.

My little angel, you are a gift from God. In this Easter, that Jesus reigns in your heart and all the mystery of passion, death, and resurrection show how much you are loved.

Easter Bunny, fill your basket with many chocolate eggs and bring a lot of joy to this beautiful child!

P of passage. The one of love. S of Lord and Savior. C of Christ, the way to heaven. That of advisor. A of joy, friendship and love.

In this Easter, may the love of Jesus reign in your heart! A lot of faith and hope for you. That there is no shortage of hotness and the certainty that life is worth more when shared with those we love!

In Easter, Jesus Christ rose and our lives saved. Let’s celebrate with a heart full of joy. Live!

Easter is a time to celebrate the love of Christ donated from the top of a cross, share sweetness and spread a lot of kindness. May the bunny bring a lot of chocolate to you!

In this Easter, don’t forget that Dad from heaven is taking care of you. Thank you for all the wonders that Jesus performs in your life. You are a blessed angel!

Easter Bunny is passing by to leave a big kiss on your heart. Many colorful eggs for you!

Easter is a time of love, thanks to God for the new life and a lot of chocolate to celebrate with sweetness. May the bunny bring joy to you!

Easter is sweet because Jesus died on the cross to give us eternal life. May divine love fill your life with light, peace and hope.

For the sweetest child in the world, I wish an Easter full of hotties and lots of bouncing bunnies!

sweeter than chocolate is the love of Christ! Cool than the bunny is the friendship of Jesus who is with you all the time!

When eating chocolate eggs, remember that they are symbols of the sweet life that Jesus gave to you. Happy Easter!

May the Easter Bunny take all my affection for you, with many chocolates, sweets and joy.

In this Easter, I wish you dream with very cute bunnies and the new life that Christ has for us. Let the imagination fly!

Easter is resurrection time. May the love of Christ reign in your heart. Many friendships, joys and shares to make your day even sweeter!

My dear little angel, in this Easter, may Jesus take care of your heart and fill your life with hope. You are a ray of light in the world!

Easter eggs are as sweet as you. Continue this loving and sweet child! That the bunny brings many chocolates to you.

Jesus loves all children! Enjoy Easter to share love and chocolates with friends.

My sweet little child, that the Easter Bunny Bring many delicious chocolates to fill his Pancinha.

That a very cute bunny brings a lot of joy to your Easter! Enjoy to have fun and eat a lot of chocolate.

When Jesus Christ your life delivered, my much sweeter Easter became. He died on the cross, that’s how he saved me, but on the third day he rose!

Easter with child is the perfect combination of sweetness. Continue in this fraternal climate of celebration and check out Easter quotes to share with the dear people of your life!

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