30 contemptuous status messages that show how much this feeling hurts

Feeling belittled by someone is not easy. And if anyone did this to you, demonstrate how hurt you with these contempt quotes for status! Seek your self-love and don’t let this bad feeling take care of you. Share the words that most translate how you feel!

Contestation quotes for status that demonstrate your disappointment

The pride that feeds on vanity ends in contempt.

I will despise. I went around!

Your contempt for me too much, I can’t live this way.

I despise this love, because I know I will suffer.

I may be a despicable person, but when the truth speaks to me, I am invincible.

of my love, the affection. Of your contempt, the pain.

There is something more demeanor than contempt: is forgetfulness.

In this everything I came to the conclusion, that contempt hurts the heart.

The pain of contempt is the most hurt pain when we receive from the dear person.

More gives those who despise what they expect, that who gives what they have.

Feeling despised hurts. It’s like I’m never enough.

Being aside aside too hurts. I prefer to end what despise me.

contempt is the action of lack of importance.

No word hurts as much as contempt and silence.

Contempt and humiliation hurt the heart too much.

A disdaining look is enough to end my feelings.

I regret having invested so much time on someone who only despises me.

Contestation hurts, but it opened my eyes to say goodbye to those who do not deserve me.

Do not try to change people’s contempt. Change from people.

I won’t let anyone treat me with unloving. My self-love is enough!

It is better to be despised than living in a relationship of lies.

Being despised teaches us how not to treat the other.

It is very sad when a relationship ends in contempt. At this point, love is over.

Don’t make me feel special, if you will despise me later.

I learned from your contempt not to waste my love.

Who despised you will look for you when you achieve success.

Today I can feel despised, but tomorrow I go around.

Having been despised only showed me how much you don’t deserve me.

The day when anyone despised me wants me back, I don’t come back for anything.

When contempt speaks louder than affection, love is over.

To escape this bad chapter, make your social networks happier with these citations of self -esteem for status. Spread good, self-love and positivity!

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