30 Christmas quotes for your boyfriend that strengthen your relationship | messages, wishes and quotes

Peace, happiness, light, joy and love, of course, are some of the good things we wish our loved ones on this date. A Merry Christmas for your boyfriend should be full of good feelings, right? Invest in a Merry Christmas full of love and make this date even more special, even if you are far apart.

The best Christmas gift I ever got: you. I love you so much!

Of all the joys of this date, having you is certainly one of the greatest. Merry Christmas, love!

May this Christmas our love be renewed for the New Year. Forever!

Love of my life, I hope this season is one of celebration and peace. Merry Christmas!

This Christmas, I didn’t write a letter to Santa Claus, because I already received my greatest gift: you!

Merry Christmas, love! With all the magic and light you deserve and always provide to me.

A Merry Christmas, full of peace, harmony and all my love!

Merry Christmas, my love! Thank you for existing.

This Christmas, I wish you much peace, happiness and light. Love can let you already have guaranteed with me. I love you!

Merry Christmas, love! May this Christmas and New Year begin you have every source of light that comes from heaven.

Merry Christmas with lots of love in your heart!

My love, may your Christmas be filled with peace, health and love. I love you so much!

Merry Christmas, my love! May we always be very happy.

Christmas is a time of dreams, renewed hopes, affection and love. I wish you all this, my dear!

Merry Christmas, my love! My present is you and my future is with you!

This Christmas, let’s continue planting love, and in the New Year we will reap happiness. I love you! Merry Christmas!

This Christmas, let’s continue planting love, and in the New Year we will reap happiness. I love you! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, my love! May the greatest symbol of this Christmas bless us, may our love grow and flood our lives with peace and joy.

May this Christmas we can enjoy the joys and festivities together with lots of love. Merry Christmas, my dear!

This Christmas, I wanted to tell you that our love is my best Christmas gift. I love you so much. Merry Christmas, with lots of love!

How good it is to be by your side on this date, to feel your hug, steal your kisses and consider me the happiest person in the world. Love, Merry Christmas!

I want to see love win, but if pain arises, you resist and smile. Merry Christmas, love!

Love, even though I can’t be by your side on such a special date, I’ll be thinking of you and wishing you a very merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart!

For everything you mean to me, this Christmas I wish you the best things in the world: peace, affection, success, happiness. My heart is yours!

Of the gifts I have received throughout my life, you were the best. Merry Christmas!

From now on, I will make your Christmas present. I will put smiles on your face whenever you need it, offer my shoulder when you want to cry and caress you for loving you.

May Christmas bring us even more love. Merry Christmas, my eternal boyfriend!

May Santa Claus give you lots of packages, because I have already given you my heart. Merry Christmas!

Peace, health, love, luck, prosperity, success and may the angels always bless our lives, this and every Christmas we may spend together. Merry Christmas, I love you!

May we have a Merry Christmas today and, in the coming year, our love will only grow. I love you more every day!

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