101 simple messages for a lighter and happier life

Even though in our times things are very complex, difficult and complicated, simplicity is the greatest good we can seek. It is in the simplicity of relationships, face -to -face convivials and networks or in any scope that you have the key to happiness and good compliance with life!

From this, we separate the best simple quotes to be applied in many ways, such as social networks and even in love. Come check with us!

Simple Quotes for Status

In our social networks, we always try to be as succinct as possible about what we are going to say. That way, we separate the best simple citations for status to post in everyday life!

I like those who dream, but I love who does.

First rain, then the rainbow. Gets used to it, the order is this.

Silence, Patience and Time.

May everything be missed but God.

As hard as it may be, never stop believing on better days.

What nobody knows, no one spoils.

It was so much absent that it is no longer missing.

I don’t care, I just want to be happy.

I let my thinking flow toward heaven.

May everything good to arrive and stay.

shallow loves do not match full hearts.

Destiny decides who we will find in life, attitudes decide who is.

Distance has never been an excuse for unloving.

May my only craze be smile and my only addiction be happiness.

Care less, live more.

Who feels the pain is who is, not who goes.

I’ve had too much hatred, today I only seek peace.

apologizing is not to humiliate yourself, it is growing.

I don’t have everything I love, but I love everything I have.

There are things that make you want to live again. And again. And againā€¦

Simple and beautiful quotes

It is in simplicity that we find the deepest and most beautiful of us! In this way, we chose the best simple and beautiful quotes to show how beautiful modesty is.

Gratitude is the memory of the heart.

dare to be simple.

The most important things in life are simple and do not cost money.

Life is so simple and beautiful, we complicate.

Simples also brings smiles, just look with the heart.

Maybe today, it is the tomorrow you are looking for.

It’s simple to be happy, it’s hard to be so simple.

affection is the oil that lubricates the gears of life.

The gifts made with love bend of value.

When everything is stone, shoot the first flower!

To love is to admire with the heart. Admiring is loving with the brain.

Everything is simpler next to the right person.

Device more time to what really makes you happy.

Some things don’t have to make sense, just worth it.

The greatest riches of life are free.

I have all the dreams of the world in me.

A simple phrase of love says more than a passionate text.

Make your lifestyle happiness and not a simple feeling.

Do not put limits on your dreams, put faith.

Who gives up, actually never wanted.

Be a good person, but don’t waste your time proving it.

Simple and short quotes

Even in expressions of little size, it is possible to find a lot of value and depth in them. From this, we separate the best simple and short quotes so that you can express themselves in a less complex way, but still say a lot!

Beautiful is to be simple.

Smile makes everything more beautiful.

Almost always, who least has, is the one who shares the most.

May happiness become routine.

Don’t throw me indirect. Throw me money.

Be light, and reread.

Joy avoids a thousand evils and prolongs life.

Grab what makes you happy and not let go!

If the smile is sincere, the good has already happened.

Be stronger than your best excuse.

One day without laughing is a wasted day.

Better than having a great beauty, it is having a big heart.

Never move away from your faith.

love a lot, more and more, in different ways.

The pain that hurts me is the same one that teaches me.

Deliver me from everything that prevents me from being happy.

Time will pass, and things will get it right.

Each morning the world is new to me.

The Law of Return does not fail.

Joy is the best thing that exists.

Simple Quotes for Photos

we took and post photos often, but often we don’t know what to write in descriptions in a short and good way for our photographs. For this reason we have separated the best simple photos for photos so that you no longer have this question!

intense by nature, laughter and love.

from light in light, I became my own sun.

Dress up with self-love and run to embrace the world!

To love to flourish.

Being simple is what makes you big.

It makes good things sprout in your heart, let it stay!

Nothing is better than being at peace with life!

thrown, confident, whole.

If there is no sun, we make the look shine!

Put your heart in everything you do.

Cover with positive energies and let your soul sleep in peace.

Do and redo everything that makes you happy.

Make my soul my own garden.

gets water inside and be the flower that lives in your being.

Do not save your best smile!

You are a universe of good things.

Exaggerates in this self -love because too much is better than missing.

Blessed be our every day smile.

When I saw myself, it was already love!

and of life I just want what is beautiful, sincere and makes it laugh.

Simple quotes of love

Love is the main feeling for our coexistence with others, and together with it, the simplicity to appreciate the best in each. So we choose the best simple quotes of love to recognize the importance of these things in our lives! Spread them!

Love modifies, simplifies, amplifies.

You mess up and at the same time complete me.

Those who like to run after, run a lot. It finds your way, apologizes, goes over the pride.

Never look for love in the same place you have lost.

It was in your hug that I comforted myself, and that’s where I want to stay, the rest of my life.

I was not born to plug hole or be curativeā€¦ first heals, then look for me.

It is freedom. Do not risk arresting it.

The most beautiful couple is the one who besides boyfriends, are friends.

She didn’t believe in angels, until she falls in love with one.

My favorite place in the world is within your hug.

Perfect is when the person accepts you even knowing the mess you are.

The smile is the most beautiful curve in anyone’s body.

on your side Happiness is my destiny.

Are you jealous of me? So take my hand and assume me.

To love is to live, and I live because I love you.

Let me show you that my love is beautiful.

The feeling that unites us is stronger than any obstacle.

I love you and that is enough for me to be happy.

Happiness arises when a love like ours happens.

I never loved someone like I love you, because I never found a union as perfect as ours!

The simplest things in life, most of the time, are the best, most beautiful and most intimate in each. So we should increasingly be more happy with the simplicity of things. That way, see our list with union quotes to thank those who are always with you so that we can value the purest things, like the people around you.

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