September 7th: 30 messages to celebrate Brazil’s Independence

celebrated on September 7, Brazil’s independence marks its birth as an emancipated nation of Portugal. Under strong political pressures in 1822, Prince Regent Dom Pedro I exclaimed one of the most authentic historical quotes that portray the national identity: “Independence or death!” Give your cry of freedom on this date with the best quotes on the independence of Brazil!

Best quotes on Brazil’s independence to declare your love for the homeland

By my blood, for my honor, for my God, I swear to make the freedom of Brazil. Brazilians, our border from now on will be … independence or death!

Brazil’s Independence Day is a good time to reflect on who we are and how we get here. Happy September 7th!

That this September 7, our country shines in green and yellow, colors of freedom and patriotism.

Independence of Brazil: End of Portuguese domain to conquer our political autonomy!

A great nation is marked by a story of struggles, born of a people who never leans to those who try to enslave them. May Brazil be always independent in every way!

Today, the whole country dresses in green and yellow! Let us always follow proud of Brazil’s independence.

On the banks of Ipiranga, not only was born the homeland, but the identity of a people who never give up fighting for freedom!

We work together to keep our nation always free and very blessed. Happy Independence Day of Brazil!

Brava Brazilian people,

Far, fear server!

or stay the homeland,

or die for Brazil.

More than 200 years of independence and the fight continues! Freedom above all, people above all!

What can be better than waking up in a free country? Happy Independence Day of Brazil to all Brazilians who believe in a better and more worthy future.

Our freedom is not guaranteed! Let us always fight for a strong Brazil and, above all, independent. September 7, Brazil’s Independence Day!

Save the flag of our dear country, a symbol that represents the independence of Brazil!

Live our nation! Long live September 7! “I have already ran up freedom on the horizon of Brazil!”.

Long live the independence of Brazil! May it not lack freedom, order or progress, that these are constantly present in the conscience of Brazilians.

Brazil I want is the one who always declares independence, a people who build the homeland that is worth living and with values ​​of freedom by which it is worth dying!

listened to Ipiranga the placid margins

from a heroic people the resounding clay

and the Sun of Freedom, in Fulgid Rays,

shone in the sky of the homeland right now.

God protect and bless this angry Brazilian people! September 7, Independence of Brazil.

On September 7, we declare that there is no greater value than freedom. Long live independence! Long live Brazil!

loves with faith and pride the land where you were born! You will not see country like this!

The maximum “independence or death” determined the break of the ties that arrested Brazil to the colonizers. So September 7 is a festive day!

Today is a more than special date! Day to celebrate the more than 200 years of independence of our beloved homeland.

September 7, so festive date,

It was the independence of this land are dear!

It is a big date for my Brazil

that today is free from charms a thousand.

Live, Live, Live the Independence of Brazil!

Let us rescue freedom through guidance on the values ​​indispensable to our homeland. This is a tribute to Brazilians who fight, fought and will still fight to make this country increasingly independent!

The big day has come, the day of independence, this dear homeland, of a people who, decency, never escape the fight!

Brazil of many faces, country of many people, land of warriors, independent nation!

Brazil: Know that your independence is our greatest wealth!

The future reserves the glory of the great deeds of the past. May these more than 200 years of the history of independence inspire us to fight for freedom in the present!

On the banks of the Ipiranga River, a scream of freedom marked our history! Brazil, nation of a warrior people who fight and never get tired. Only today, on the banks of hope!

That love for the homeland transcends all differences and helps us build a nation that next generations can be proud. Happy Independence Day

On the banks of the Ipiranga River, Brazil as an emancipated nation. Of great deeds and contrasts, however, it follows in its struggle to break free from all the strings that still remain.

The history of a country is not made only of Mark. It is the people who make the homeland daily. These are the commemorative dates such as September 7 that recall the foundations that constitute the national identity.

To meditate on the non -negotiable values ​​that formed the homeland, check out inspiring quotes of freedom and declare you the independence of what you imprison you!

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