95 smiley messages to make happiness a constant in your life

A smile is an invitation to life, one of the greatest demonstrations of happiness. It may seem like a simple gesture, but it has the power to change everything around you and recover joy of living. Check out the best smile quotes and make it shine on your face every day. Share to infect everyone with the strength of this gesture!

Smile Quotes for Status

Truth smiles is to feel that the heart agrees with your lips.

A smile is a curve that straightens everything.

A smile is the shortest distance between two people.

The peace of a smile can disarm a war.

When happiness overflows from the heart, it is impossible to contain the smile.

The most beautiful curve in someone is the smile.

The smile enriches the recipients without impoverishing the donors.

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.

You have to smile, with money or without. The greatest wealth already has!

There are a thousand ways to smile, just one to be happy.

Your smile is worth more than a diamond.

Smile! You don’t have to be filmed to overflow joy.

You will laugh without realizing it. Happiness is just a matter of being.

The joy of others does not bother, she just proves that we all have reasons to smile.

A smile, just a smile, is all I need to end with loneliness.

Live for what makes you smile. Smile to learn to live,

Everything you do with love provokes the smiles that will never be forgotten.

Free to smile, yes. Free to be able to seek my place from the sun.

Being by the side of those we love makes our lips, heart and eyes smile in harmony.

My joy is so great that it deserves to be shared with many smiles.

The first smile you gave, made me love you for all eternity.

If luck smiled, why not smile back?

I swear I will be someone who makes you smile.

Leave this fear there, better smile. Outside the time flies, I owe nothing to anyone and I don’t want what is not mine.

Smile confirms that I am in the right place and with the right people.

Beautiful Smile Quotes

Your beautiful smile highlights what is beautiful on you.

When a beautiful smile shines, it shines everything beautiful in your soul.

A beautiful smile reveals the beauty of life wherever it goes.

Smile beautiful and let others want to find out what is the secret that makes you laugh

I don’t even need coffee to energize my day when I wake up and already see your beautiful smile.

A beautiful smile is an invitation to an amazing life.

I saw God when I came across your beautiful smile.

There is no more beautiful smile than one born for gratitude.

If beauty is power, your beautiful smile is a weapon.

Are you seeing this beautiful smile? I’m using the one you gave me.

Your beautiful smile makes my gaze realize that life is beautiful, everything is possible.

As a beautiful smile opens, the face illuminates and reveals beauties that were hidden.

Time only left marks on your face where your beautiful smile was.

Everything can pass, except the memory of a beautiful smile that once lit up days in darkness.

That beautiful smile that makes me without defense.

It is not possible to talk about beauty, miss you without seeing your beautiful smile.

This beautiful smile guides my steps, as it illuminates my way and shows what direction it is constant.

Every word of comfort does not compare to the impact of your beautiful smile.

A beautiful smile makes the prose of life a poetry.

A good day starts with a beautiful smile.

A beautiful smile can be free, but it is priceless.

My gaze only shines the effects of your beautiful smile.

The beautiful smile conquers what the word only suggests.

The sun is to the flowers what your beautiful smile does with my heart.

Smile quotes on your face

The smile begins in the soul and blooms on the face.

Gratitude paints a smile with the most vivid colors ever seen.

The smile on your face confirms that happiness has come and marked the moment.

A spontaneous smile on the face is a joy that could not contain and overflowed.

A smile on your face restart any heart.

Put a smile on your face! Happiness goes well on you.

A smile on your face is an armor for the soul.

All gratitude begins with a smile on your face.

The beauty of the soul reveals itself in the smile on your face.

The best makeup is the smile on your face.

The power of the smile on your face transforms the soul of all that it touches.

Be the reason for the smile on someone’s face.

Count your victories not for the objects you achieve, but for the smiles you put on your face.

Never regret it for what put a smile on your face.

A smile on your face is the cure for the tiredness of the soul!

If the world is valley of tears, a smile on the face is the rainbow.

In all ways to love someone, nothing simpler and more powerful than a smile on your face.

May the soul pains not prevent your smile on your face!

You have the gift of putting a smile on your face until when my only desire is to shed tears.

It’s free, it doesn’t cost and enriches everyone: all you can offer is your smile on your face capable of giving hope to any heart.

An inviting smile on the face is all that people need to approach you.

I take the smile on my face for being my gun and shield against bad days.

We know when it is the reason for the smile on someone’s face.

Quotes of Smile to Life

Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.

smiling at life, she smiled back. I realized that I only have reasons to thank: If it is not a lesson, it is blessing.

to smile, I intend to lead my life. Because crying, I saw the lost youth.

Everything you do smiling, echoes in life for much longer.

Just because I am alive, I have enough reason to smile and I won’t stop.

Smile that life becomes much more beautiful.

Everything that makes you smile makes you make life time.

Life is like a mirror: the best results come when we smile at her.

A smile for life may not change the world, but it can change someone’s day.

A smile for life is the cheapest way to change your appearance.

Nothing makes us smile more to life than the certainty of being in the right place and at the right time.

The joy of others does not bother, she just proves that we all have reasons to smile at life.

A smile on the lips arouses life in the soul.

Cultivate in your life who makes you smile, because they are the ones who move the bad days away.

Joy overflows with me and I cannot contain my wide and happiness smile for life.

See who we love happy makes the smile for life suddenly to spring up on the lips.

The injection of mood you need is in the smile for the life you don’t give.

shining in life, smiling for nothing, just vibrating love and peace.

They say it is impossible to live smiling at life. I’m glad I love to live a challenge.

There is no impossible to resist a smile for life and unshakable faith.

When I look at your smile to life, I find strength to start over.

While life offers us reasons to smile at her, I will continue to open my lips thanking you.

That the reasons for smiling at life are infinitely greater than concerns.

A sincere smile does not need translation. Few things illuminate the day more than overflowing joy from within on the face.

Smiling, regardless of circumstances, is a revolutionary act that gives the strength to face life head on.

There are other ways to demonstrate feelings beyond the lips. Take the opportunity to see quotes about looking and understand how it can be powerful and revealing.

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