40 back-to-school messages to say goodbye to the holidays

Return to class marks the beginning of a new adventure, full of learning, friendships and achievements, where students and teachers come together in the name of knowledge.

To celebrate this moment, we have selected several quotes back to school that will provide you with the incentive necessary to return with great enthusiasm. Check it out and share it with your classmates!

Quotes back to school for those who are already missing the school

The only chance to evolve is to learn and this is your great opportunity in life. Good beginning of classes!

It’s time to go back to school, teachers and students, today is the first day of school! May the former know how to guide and be patients at all times. And may the seconds know how to learn and always respect their teachers. May there be harmony and good disposition among all, and this day mark the beginning of a wonderful school year. Good luck and good studies for everyone!

That this beginning of classes represents the beginning of a healthy and wise adventure. Welcome!

Make the beginning of classes the beginning of a new era of wisdom in your life!

The start is given for another year of much learning, new friendships and unique memories! Good start to everyone!

Beginning of classes is always a delight, time to review friends, meet new teachers and, of course, absorb a lot of knowledge!

This year brings all the learning and life lessons you need. Good beginning of classes!

I’m sure this new school year keeps many joys and a lot of learning for you. Good beginning of classes!

Don’t fight to have better results than your colleague, but be better than yourself. A great start of classes!

School is the place you only miss when stopping.

Luties to school is to make friends, dream, learn and discover a new world.

I love vacation, but I was already gone crazy from missing school and friends! That everyone has a great start of classes!

Time to return, without laziness and willing to learn.

The greatest adventure of your life can start today. Good beginning of classes!

I already missed the routine of learning days. Good start to everyone!

How bread feeds the stomach, so study feeds the mind. Good back to school.

Adventures, new friends and endless learning is what I hope for this school year. Good beginning of classes!

Welcome, students and students! May this be the best start to the usual classes! Have fun and learn.

I am not psychologically prepared for the return to school.

Learn each day, improve every step and gradually realize the biggest of our dreams!

In this beginning of classes, that the motivation is the largest ever and that it will be accompanied by a great desire to learn.

It will start all over again! Happy back to school!

Welcome to the first day of class! I hope this is a year of great achievements and a lot of learning.

Enjoying the learning that the school provides us is to take advantage of a treasure that will be useful to us for the rest of our lives.

Welcome! I am very happy with the return to school.

Votes of a school year stuffed with achievements and crowned with the realization of all its goals!

Make your school your home and your teacher your master to evolve every day. Good classes!

You will experience a sense of realization by completing this school year.

A journey of enriching discoveries and learning is beginning. Prepare your mind and heart and enjoy this new school year.

First day of school is just like that new phone you earn, the first day is cool, interesting, then you are already complaining about it.

Wisdom is to want to learn and accept that you will never know everything. Good start of classes.

The school will start, friends we will meet again and all together we will certainly live a year to remember!

That classes start bringing a lot of knowledge, new friendships and the reunion with special people! A good year for everyone!

A new world begins now, a thousand adventures and so much knowledge to discover. Good beginning of schools!

The school is starting over and everyone is expecting a great year of many discoveries, learning and adventures.

Classes are about to start and I wish it is an amazing school year full of learning and fun for you!

Welcome! May this beginning of classes be the beginning of a long path full of experiences and valuable learning!

It’s time to return to the old routine and the classroom. It is tiring, but there is no greater preciousness in the world than learning and passing on knowledge.

This beginning of classes represents the beginning of a new life full of wisdom to face the tomorrow and achieve the dreams of the usual!

I have my mind prepared for the start of classes and to make this year the most useful of all!

It is through study that we find the path towards the realization of our dreams. So, take the opportunity to check out our selection of study encouraging quotes and find the motivation necessary to dedicate yourself to the fullest!

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